Not a Human Being

As you can can probably notice my blog has been quite dry lately , I figured taking time into my post would be efficient rather than rushing through it and not being completely satisfied with what I came up with in the end . So these past few weeks I've been working close with some really talented photographers here in Vegas . I have so much I've been working on that I'm about to piss my pants with excitement . Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting with my boy Jdilla . trust me when I say this ... there is nothing better then rolling one up exploring in nature with good friends and talking about dreams and aspirations . there is always that drive of inspiration and creativity that gets you going when working with ambitious people. anywho guys I have a lot more collaborations and video footage to show you guys soon ! so keep your eyes peeled for that fire .

What I'm Wearing
C2h4 Not a Human being bomber
Thrifted Acid Wash Jeans
Vans Classic old skools

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