What I'm wearing 
Dead Studios Heart Rate LS
Knyew DIY Distressed E long
C2h4 Strapped Denim
Nike Hurraches



Today me and my Brother @nativechild took a road trip far out in the fucking desert and did a little shooting . To be honest the whole day was meant to be ! the weather was perfect , the sky was sickest I've ever seen it and the Vibes were there ! The whole ride up there we listened to stand up comedy that nearly had me in tears . When we made it there , as soon as we got out the car the environment was so refreshing . Actually being out of the city had my Vibrations go from 100-300 real quick . If you guys have a chance definitely look at my boys work this guy is a wizard with a camera and most def has an eye that compliments my aesthetic to a T .

the other day I received package from my most loyal Sponsor Dead Studios . this package had to be my favorite , if you know me I'm all about distressed tee shirts just to chill around the house in or even dress up and make an edgy look . So this whole collection hasn't really came off my body since I received it . Nothing like a simple white distressed tee with an extra soft fabric to stunt in or just be a fat bum on the couch in . Along with the tee I wanted to accessorize it with some minimalist pieces that you've probably seen on my neck quite frequently from Kiss the Sky Jewelry . I don't really wear a lot of necklaces because I always have my Crystals around my neck but these two pieces are definitely an exception . the good thing about these babies is that if you use the code griztriz10 you actually get a percentage off when you check out . 

What I'm wearing 
Birkenstock Arizonas 


Not a Human Being

As you can can probably notice my blog has been quite dry lately , I figured taking time into my post would be efficient rather than rushing through it and not being completely satisfied with what I came up with in the end . So these past few weeks I've been working close with some really talented photographers here in Vegas . I have so much I've been working on that I'm about to piss my pants with excitement . Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting with my boy Jdilla . trust me when I say this ... there is nothing better then rolling one up exploring in nature with good friends and talking about dreams and aspirations . there is always that drive of inspiration and creativity that gets you going when working with ambitious people. anywho guys I have a lot more collaborations and video footage to show you guys soon ! so keep your eyes peeled for that fire .

What I'm Wearing
C2h4 Not a Human being bomber
Thrifted Acid Wash Jeans
Vans Classic old skools


STUSSY Spring/Summer Lookbook



Being in Vegas we all know that the summer is usually the craziest season , with 100+ degree weather there is no way in hell you'll catch me in layers , expect to see a lot more shorts , oversized mesh Jerseys and a lot more shoots at night . The other day I stopped by Knyew to do a little shopping . While walking through the store for about 20 minutes my mind couldn't get off these two STUSSY Pieces . Usually when I shop I try to mix up the brands a bit for a little versatility in my wardrobe . but each one of these pieces seemed to be perfect . for 1 I love anything mesh that can give me a good breeze when its hot as hell so this 1st football jersey was perfection sitting in a store full of Merchandise . Alongside of that I wanted to mix it up and get something with a little color (I know ... Very rare huh ?) so I thought yellow and blue would be suiting for spring/summer . 

I have a lot coming up with summer including more video content so be sure to keep update with the blog or my IG : GRIZTRIZ . Also a big shout out to the Knyew Tea for always keeping me Laced in the cleanest gear !

What I'm Wearing 
Publishbrand Joggers 

You can find the whole look at Knyew.com