The Substance of the Universe is Conciousness ... not Matter

Everything around us is a source of a Frequency , If you amplify the frequency the structure of the matter will change . this is where we come to realize the the substance of the universe is not Matter  but rather consciousness . Scientist have gone to prove that we have 64 Possible code of DNA in our bodies and only 20 of those 64 are activated . So the Question is how do we amplify our DNA to unlock the other 44 codes embedded in our DNA ? .... My Loyal readers , the Answer is LOVE! Love is the key , we need to understand that Fear , Hate and, Negativity is the branch of us not elevating to our full capacity ! so I encourage you guys to not only show love to the people around you but to also find that love and Magic in nature . Get out of your local city and connect with your surrounds .
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We as a Collective need to realize that time is nothing but an illusion , we get so wrapped up in what's a waste of time , whats worth our time and how much time we have left . but see Time isn't something you can see so according the Quantum Laws it doesn't exist . once we awaken we get to appreciate THE MOMENT rather than the future or the past . Once you get to live within this perspective you truly get to appreciate lifes and it's ups and downs . but you can only imagine the possibilities if we lived within this perspective as a collective .
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I've been asked a lot lately if I turned in my retirement forms from blogging , and I can now assure you guys that this is not the case at all ! for the past two months I've been on my own personal spiritual Journey . Meaning I needed to step out of the 3rd Dimension of this material world . and start to look within myself for Clarity and answers . I've gained A lot of enlightment during my break and couldn't be happier. I've literally been wearing the same clothes for awhile and spend my days reading , meditating practicing yoga , and spending time with positive friends. see there is way more to ourselves then just an outfit ... and some of us need to remind ourselves this . we Thrive off materialistic objects when we can thrive off happiness and just life in General ..... Yeah you can clearly see where my head has been . I hope to bring you Guys great vibes and a little knowledge here and there this Year !
Today it's raining a lot (Chem Trails) and there was no way I was going to let another day go by that I didnt get back to work . So me and My sister rode our scooters down the street and got back to work . I was gifted this Dope "Pretty Boy Killer" rain coat by one of my Fav's  FUXURY .  this coat is pretty legit ! very loose fitting with a adjustable String at the hem to adjust the fit of the coat . I have to be honest and mention I did Email them about the Symbolism on the sleeve . But they did reassure me that the Logo was simply Two F's and nothing Negative (thank God) . to complete the look I added just a few Simple Layers , I totally made that decision because of the weather .

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These past few days I've felt a shift in not only my attitude but my mind as well . Now I've always been a spiritual person but something has changed I'm not sure what , maybe its me dipping my toes into the Quantum physics theories , or the world is just being more and more enlightened in what's  really going on . whatever it is I love it . I feel refreshed and thankful . this past week I've tried to expand my couciouness more and more by reading books and articles on Quantam physics and the microscopic Universe ...... yeah I'm sure it's hard to get the grasp of the idea but it's really simple if you try not to make it too complex . I've also been practicing techniques to align my chakras and vibing to 432 HZ frequencies . pretty Groovy right ? anywho I have a lot more post coming to the blog so be sure to keep posted !
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Angst Child bucket hat
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