Dead Castle SS15

 I'm very happy to introduce to you guys just a little glimpse of the Dead Castle Project SS15
 collection . The other day I received quite a large package from my friend Sam Moore (The owner and Creative Director of DCP) . I was so stocked to see the latest collection ! My God I was extremely impressed to see what kind of direction they went with this collection , with a sporty vibe to each piece I was just so damn excited to sport this around Vegas . I have to say though , I feel blessed to have such a sponsor that trust and believes in my vision for their garments . If you've met me in real life you would know that blogging is truly one of my passions and I plan on making it into a career . I've been doing this for almost 4 years and I don't plan on stopping any time soon . although I know I have to work on quite a few things like... bettering my image quality , and improving my contents  . I know that this is a growing experience and I know that progression is my best friend . and being able to work and grow with brands such as Dead Castle it really inspires me . To progress and Grow each day .
anyways enough with the mushy stuff and back to the collection . anytime I receive a piece from Dead Castle I notice an evolution in their aesthetic . as you will see in this collection they played with a lot of textures and patterns but still keeping that monochromatic feel, which I love ! by them doing that it quiets down the pieces and makes them not so busy but more so a sporty casual chic . Which we all know is totally me . to keep that all grey quiet kind of relaxed feel to the outfit I added some dope ass Custom Gem's I just got in from my girl Stephanie the Designer of Vsxnsta which I'll be getting more in depth with my next post ;)! this is only the beginning of the collection , be sure to look out for more post in the SS15 collection .



Introducing a New upcoming brand all the way from New Zealand that I'm so excited to be collaborating with . KINDOMOF ! Now I believe they just launched a few collections and I'm impressed with the minimalistic approach they are bringing to their pieces . it's great to see a Brand just starting out and building their aesthetic . as they continued to impress me I actually received an email from them for a collaboration ... awesome right ? Now before I hop into what exactly I'm wearing , you all know I'm all about the Quality of Garments . and this one I was quite surprised about . see when I first seen this Powder Triple Sleeve Jersey . I didn't think it was literally triple sleeve but when I got it in the mail I was shocked . with a layered cotton detail on the sleeves this jersey was becoming more and more appreciated . I've literally been living in this piece with a monochromatic color scheme this piece I can pair with anything in my wardrobe . the thing I love most about this brand are the surprising little details to each piece . you'll know exactly what I mean in my future post for KINDOMOF . stay posted readers ;)
Grey Sweat shorts
Adidas Marathons




Although I love working I seem to be enjoying these chill off days of lounging around the house and stuffing my face any chance I can get . while I had time today I found myself walking around random spots in the desert embracing my surroundings and just feeling blessed to even be alive ,( no I didn't have a life or death experience ), Sometimes it's great to just look around and realizes how mysterious life is and how you can appreciate being able to live it whether you're going through a tough time or not .
Well I guess I picked the wrong outfit to be playing in the desert in . I mean seeing as I'm wearing all white aha. but everything about this outfit today was just so active and sporty that I had to do something that kept me proactive . I actually received this Future Misbhv tee awhile ago when  I was in Atlanta but just didn't have the time to shoot in it and every time I did I was over thinking the styling on it only because its so versatile  . trying to dress it up too much trying to dress it down too much, blahzay blahzay blahzay ! . so I said Fudge it and went with something realistic sporty and weather appropriate . I mean really what was I thinking trying to pair this effortless shirt with some got damn sweats in 100 + degree weather . So naturally I grabbed my Nike Track shorts that I recently thrifted and paired that with this Future Replica Mesh 5 panel . which was a perfect pair because they both have 3M Reflective detail to it .


Welcome Dead Castle Project

I'm happy to announce the newest sponsor to GRIZTRIZ.BLOGSPOT.COM ..Dead Castle Project !! . You might see some kind of similarities in this outfit from Previous outfit post  only because I've worked with Dead castle in the past , but we officially came to the conclusion that a sponsorship with be suitable' and a business relationship was needed  . I'm have to say I'm very Selective when it comes to adding sponsors to my Blog only because the Brand/Store has to represent and reflect GRIZTRIZ as a whole  and somewhat match the aesthetic I have going on . I see a bright future with us working together and I'm excited to get this going  . Dead castle is a Australian Street wear brand that serves Diversity and versitaitly in their garment , and all though I'm semi over Street wear and moving towards a different aesthetic , Dead castle brings a street wear vibe but a High end quality that I've grown to be obsessed with .
Today was a crazy hot day ! and I know I've been constantly talking about the heat in Vegas but Literally you have no IDEA! Today me and my little sister went for a  fun bike ride predicting it would be refreshing . but we were sadly mistaken when my sister passed out at a gas station Parking lot . I'm sure you're probably wondering "if it's that hot why the hell are you wearing a long sleeve"  but the great thing about this Dead Castle Symbol long sleeve is the material is a very thin cotton making it wearable in this summer weather.  Of course pants were not an option today so some DIY cut offs needed to be put into production . To finish off my summer look I thought these Petals to Peacocks Ying Yang socks would be perfect to match the detailed Yin Yang print on the long sleeve to make it a well thought out out together summer look . Happy Independence day guys ! get trashed and eat a lot of meat :)
White DIY Levi Cut offs
White Authentic Vans