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It's officially the first week of November ! the month of the change of the season , the month I become 21! the month for change , Today I had an interview at Calvin Klein in hopes of a Visual position , Although I enjoy my job , there is practically no room for progression and in my case that is a NO , NO . So I feel like a change of atmosphere wouldn't hurt anyone , Cross your fingers for me ! Now If you live in Vegas you would know how great this weeks weather has been . a consistent crisp , chilly breeze that is completely refreshing from coming from 100+ degree weather .
 Seeing as the weather is clearing up it seems to be almost natural that layers have become a necessity in my day to day looks . So what better way to start this layering season off then with some minimalistic staple pieces for this Fall . a few days Back I received a small little care package coming all the way from Singapore that consisted of 3 pieces from ANGSTCHILD  (which had my name all over it) . I Thought I could give the Ying Yang tee and White bucket hat  a little contempary twist by adding my Oversized trench coat , but still keeping  it sporty with some sneakers . For accessories I decided to bring out my Australian stainless steel Gems that I just received from Joshua Hall . I have a lot of new, new coming to the blog for this fall so be sure to keep a look out !



 I've been asked plenty of times from my readers to continue to do video content but of course I lagged it most of the time , but when boss man Sam Moore (CEO of Dead Studios) sent out a request , I figured id have to put something epic out for Dead Studios . The concept of the video branches off of having so much going on in your life and realizing you need to just step back, breathe and gather yourself and let go off all the impurities and negativity weighing on you go( Which is what the Black balloons represent). I've had this concept brewing in my head for awhile now and finally thought it was time to make this trippy , deep dream into fruition with one of my good friends CHUCKNLV . even if it did mean the police rolling up on us right when I was rolling one up ahah , Luckily I'm good with my words . I really wanted the video to put my readers in a trance and actually see me in more of a personal way . and of Course the only music I could use would only be from my Favorite artist SZA . If you know anything about this woman you'd know you could find comfort in her music . she makes you feel like being vulnerable and being yourself is ok . I really hope you all liked the outcome of the Video and comment below and let me know if you'd like to see more editorial videos on the blog ;)




Ahhh just when everything is going good ! my damn editing system crashes . well I wont be able to get the rest of the photos on this post but I will be posting them on my Instagram to be sure to follow me @GRIZTRIZ . so the weather is surprisingly just about perfect today , so I decided to get off my ass grab my camera and take a stroll around the city snapping shots in my Newest Dead Studio Pieces . if you've  noticed by now Griztriz and Dead Studios have a pretty tight connection . considering we are clear across the world from each other we have a pretty clear cohesive business relationship . Due to relatable aspirations . I'm happy to announce I will be having Video footage regularly to the blog ! although I know photos can be great I feel like a Video will give you guys a better understanding of who I really am and my lifestyle around Las Vegas . so make sure you guys keep refreshing the page because A lot ! of new content is at surface !



Two more days and 2014 Summer will finally be over !! I'm so excited to get back into my layering and being able to finally have some kind of silhouette to my day to day looks .  and What way better to start showing you guys my Fall looks then to start with KITSCH . I've been wanting to work with Kitsch for awhile now but the timing just wasn't the right  due to the fact of them being right in middle of their production for their SS14 Collection . When the production was finished they shot me a little care package which included this awesome Over tunic and these Braise olive green pants .... which I wear everywhere now . with adjustable jaw string to both pieces you can find yourself wearing them in several different ways ...... (Very Versatile garments) if you're looking for a brand that pays attention to detail and great material I  definitely suggest my fellas to check out http://www.kitschnyc.com/



I got the chance to work with Easy money clothing again and shoot in a few new pieces from their collection . so I had to start with my Favorite out of the bunch , This Unisex White Athletic Tee  definitely fed my apatite for more MESH in my closet . If you know me you would know I'm obsessed with mesh , for the simple fact of having some kind of ventilation going on in my day looks . Especially knowing I live in Las Vegas and it's still technically Summer . with a mesh Ribbed Neckline and a cotton white finish , this tee has my hands down GRIZ recommendation to you guys . there s nothing like finding a dope staple piece online for an affordable price .

Well seeing how I was working with mesh I wanted to style it with a few sporty accessories , So I thought these Fuxury Track shorts were my only option . keeping that simple aesthetic I always stick too I grabbed My Nike slides . and Favorite Dead Studios backpack that I wear Everywhere ! the bag is a pretty good sized bag with chucky zippers and leather detailing on the straps . this look is definitely serving that "ITS MY OFF DAY" vibe and " I"M ON MY WAY TO THE GROCERY " aha! I have a few new Post to show you from the New EASY MONEY CLOTHING Collection stay tuned ;)

                                                             WHAT IM WEARING
                              Tee : http://www.shopeasymoney.com/collections/shirts/products/ea-y-mesh-tee
                               Shorts : http://www.fu-xu-ry.com/
                                 Bag : http://deadstudios.com.au/collections/all