I have this whole week off from work . and I couldn't be more happier . I've put in some crazy hours these past two weeks not to mention I barley received any days off and limited amount of hours of sleep . but in the end it's all worth it right ? for my off day I decided to shoot in this KGDMOF tee by the brand http://www.kingdomof.co.nz/ . When I received the shirt my first impression was "Oh a basic logo tee cool!" that's when I realized the patch detail and fell in love . with cool deconstructed hems , you can tell the tee is executed to perfection . As I mentioned in the beginning of this post .... Today is my Day off and I had no plans on trying to be all dressed up . This look is literally what I had on around the house . all I did was throw on my Birkenstocks I got in From http://www.solestruck.com/ and of course my Hat and hit the door . Sometimes being effortless and Nonchalant in your looks can make major results . I have a lot of new projects coming to the blog guys. I'm talking video footage  ;)
PETALSANDPECOCKS YING YANG SOCKS - http://www.petalsandpeacocks.com/



Whats up guys ! sorry for the hiatus there were some technical difficulties going on and I had to get them repaired... yeah you know how that goes , it's a major pain in the ass . Any who as soon as everything straightened up I jumped in the car and went to do a little shoot . I mean I cant just go missing without showing you guys the rest of the SS14 Dead Castle Collection .
Today I rocked this DEAD RECORDS Mesh jersey , As you guys may know I located in Las Vegas now so anything mesh is a staple piece in my closet . As a whole , this collections aesthetic was definitely giving a 90's Sporty Vibe . So my whole Idea for the outfit was definitely keeping that connection by adding adidas and a simple cap and of course contemporary locations are always great. This Jersey is not yet released but be sure to keep updated with Dead Castle on their IG : @DEAD_STUDIOS for latest product updates .



There is never time for a break , it's all about keeping that grind going and staying productive . My schedule is pretty hectic right now . working 10am -7am shifts doing floorsets and refreshing window visuals ..... then heading right back home to get prepared to go do more shoots to keep the blog live and frequently refreshed , whooo it's a crazy cycle but I guess it's good to know I'm utilizing my full 24hrs of the day  . today in Vegas a miracle happened .... It actually rained !! although the humidity was crazy , it was great not to have the sun grilling my flesh . any who there is something about this location that I just love . I'm finding myself coming over here on my down time just to embrace the scenery and Meditate . I guess you can call it m calming area where I'm most comfortable ... weird huh
So as you guys know I still have so much to show you from the SS15 Dead Castle Project collection . but this  DEAD Print tee has to possibly be my favorite !  the print within the letter is so captivating and really eye catching . I'm finding the effort of people not trying to make it noticeable of them attempting to comprehend what the tee says very entertaining aha  . if you have ever purchased a Dead Castle Tee you would notice a difference in their execution from other normal tees . such as the light weight quality and the deconstructed detail they add to the hems of their T-shirts ,definitely a unique aesthetic they have .  this Tee is not yet released but will be VERY VERY soon keep your eyes open and be sure to follow @DEAD_CASTLE_PROJECT on IG for latest merchandise updates . Also I'm in the process of bringing you guys some actual short films soon to give you a little bit of a different perspective of what exactly goes down when I'm shooting ;)



Dead Castle SS15

 I'm very happy to introduce to you guys just a little glimpse of the Dead Castle Project SS15
 collection . The other day I received quite a large package from my friend Sam Moore (The owner and Creative Director of DCP) . I was so stocked to see the latest collection ! My God I was extremely impressed to see what kind of direction they went with this collection , with a sporty vibe to each piece I was just so damn excited to sport this around Vegas . I have to say though , I feel blessed to have such a sponsor that trust and believes in my vision for their garments . If you've met me in real life you would know that blogging is truly one of my passions and I plan on making it into a career . I've been doing this for almost 4 years and I don't plan on stopping any time soon . although I know I have to work on quite a few things like... bettering my image quality , and improving my contents  . I know that this is a growing experience and I know that progression is my best friend . and being able to work and grow with brands such as Dead Castle it really inspires me . To progress and Grow each day .
anyways enough with the mushy stuff and back to the collection . anytime I receive a piece from Dead Castle I notice an evolution in their aesthetic . as you will see in this collection they played with a lot of textures and patterns but still keeping that monochromatic feel, which I love ! by them doing that it quiets down the pieces and makes them not so busy but more so a sporty casual chic . Which we all know is totally me . to keep that all grey quiet kind of relaxed feel to the outfit I added some dope ass Custom Gem's I just got in from my girl Stephanie the Designer of Vsxnsta which I'll be getting more in depth with my next post ;)! this is only the beginning of the collection , be sure to look out for more post in the SS15 collection .