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Hey Guys sorry for the delay but the Mercury Retrograde has come to an end and we have all survived ! my Laptop has been down and not able to connect to any wifi network but just a few days ago it decided to cooperate with me just in time for all these big things I have in store . So if you follow me on IG you would know I'm a very spiritual being seeking knowledge anywhere I can get it . Which is why I fell in love with every aspect of Sacred Geometry and the study of mystery schools . Last night I stayed up all night marinating my brain into Metatrons Cube . Now if you're familiar with the flower of life than getting the grasp of Metatrons cube should be pretty easy . Metatrons cube is a mixture of feminie being (circles) and the Masculine being the  (connected lines) which you can see in the photo above . The amazing thing about Metatrons cube is that all 5 of platonic solids are hidden within Metatrons cube ! spooky right ?! 

Some of you are probably asking " What the hell is a Platonic solid " ? well Platonic solids were first cataloged by an ancient philosopher Plato. although evidence has shown these shapes spread throughout the world prior to platos discovery . Now there are 5 different Platonic shapes corresponding with the 5 Elements . Tetrahedron ( FIRE) , Hexahedron (EARTH) , Icosohedron (Water) , Octahedron (AIR) and Dodecahedron (Ether). All Five platonic solids have specific characteristics  All Equal Face sized , all Equal Interior Angles and All equal edge legnths . All living harmoniously within our universe :) .  

I have a lot of more subjects that I'd like to talk briefly on and not through just a damn post so Myself and my close friend Oni are starting a Podcast where we can connect with anyone having questions on sacred geometry ! it's going to be pretty dope to talk more in depths about these subjects and to let you guys connect with me on more of a personal level .

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a few weeks back I was blessed with this beautiful piece of orgonite from my crystal sister http://hoodxhippie.com/ . Now I know some of my readers are like " what the heck is an orgonite" , Well luckily you have me to clear up the confusion and give you a little background on it ..

Orgonite is a device that provides assistance in dissolving negative energy . this whole movement began is the 1930's-40's where Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to detect etheric energy . with this discover he began to study and find out that when you mix an organic substance like fiber glass and an inorganic substance like metal chip shavings  , you could attract and collect orgon energy of both positive and negative polarities . Dr Wilhelm named the Positive Energy POR (Positive Orgone) and the Negative Energy DOR (Deadly Orgone) . through his incredible career he invented several devices which healed some patients from cancer , such as the Orgone accumulator , The orgone Blanket and the Orgone Box with Orgone shooter . 

Around 1985 scientist in Germany published results of a study  which states 30 min of orgone treatments cause a physiological difference . continuing down the line the evolution of orgonite began to sprout even more , around 2000  when Don and Carol croft (inventors of modern orgonite) discovered that by adding crystals to the mix of orgonite you could accumilate twice as much Etheric energy . not only that but Clear Quartz could even rebalance the NOR orgone into positive energy ! ...... WOW!

by being aware of this I believe that orgonite could heal all of the craziness going on in the world . which is why the orgonite gifting movement is BOOMING ! being gifted by orgonite is someone blessing not only your household but your aura alongside . which is why I wanted to show infinite gratitude and love to Kris for Blessing my home and aura with this beautiful piece of art ! be sure to check out her etsy for some crazy sick Org pieces or follow her on IG for latest pour update @HOODXHIPPIE

assist in helping plants grow
mitigats harmful effects of EMF radiation
Helps awaken your innate psychic senses



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