The Pleiadian Prophecy

The Pleiades is the first place every soul travels from the source into form (Which is  interdimensional ) , souls will often return to there before returning to the 1 I AM Source . We came HERE (Here is a holographic world called Earth )To bring home here ... Meaning we came here to Anchor our energy of love and compassion to a fairly new Planet that was  and still is going through some tough times . to bring both the Divine Fem Energy Lemuria and the Heavenly Masc Energy from the atlanteans  just like our Ancient ancestors from Egypt did . now that we are in 2015 we are experiencing a collective awakening!  We are waking up to the truth and realizing our true purpose . Don't pay any mind to the Media and television ..... We are going through ruff tribulations but we can not heal others without starting to heal ourselves . The littlest positive changes you make in your life . has a crazy way of having that weird Domino Effect on Humanity as a Collective .


From the Woods. Earth . Solar System.

What I'm Wearing 
Urban Outfitters Backpack
Arizona Birkenstock

Btw Guys I'm doing a sick collaboration with Kiss the sky Jewelry 
so keep a look out for my next post where I throw you guys a blessed Percentage off on some of their pieces . until than check out their website for exclusive Luxury Jewelry 



I have to say , I really enjoy working with brands that I find an organic relationship with . amongst my time of blogging I've come across a lot of brands that have mistreated myself and my blog and usually try to get over on me . but it's great to know that some brands out there are genuine and are on the same path as myself . I recently got contacted by a brand called LAtokyo which is also affiliated with another Healing Crystal brand called OrganicDMT . I right away was excited to get this package in because I usually carry a lot of crystals around and its hard to keep track of them in my pockets because they are so easily known to slip out . So you can only imagine how excited I was for this sweatshirt with a front pouch zipper to keep my crystals close and of course close to my heart :) 

Over the years my interest for Healing crystals has grown . I find comfort in programming them before starting my day and seeing how well they keep me balance and centered . Today I sat in the Grass with my Boyfriend and watched the romantic sunset set . although we were kicked off the private property the tme spent was well worth it ! I encourgage you guys to get a little sungazing in while the sun isnt that harsh it's so great for the soul and always seems to be so calming .


Nothing But those GOOD VIBES

I have to be completely honest and let you guys know that I'm running on low energy ! the past few days I've been moving into my new place with not that much help and the fact of not having a car yet makes the situation a little more sticky . You can only imagine how it is to be carrying suit cases , pillows ,bags and food on endless bus rides across town . I guess you can say I'm a starving artist at the moment . but I'm sure everything will work out in the end for this is only the first week of me moving in . In the mist of the move , I found a little time to get a little shooting done . If you're in Vegas you would agree with me when I say the weather has been greatly appreciated , sporadic moments of 70 degree weather is such a blessing to us living out here in the desert . I'ts just about that time for us to dip our toes into the 100+ degree weather . So I highly recommend taking advantage of this great weather with a little picnic , morning run , or even in my case a little photo-shoot .

What I'm Wearing Today
Knyew E long tee
Van Skate-His