You know I get the question a lot of why I changed my aesthetic of my blog and toned it down to being the guy with 7inch heels with vibrant out there outfits to the now simple laid back comfortable kind of guy . I never got to fully answer the question in depth . so I'm hoping this little post will clear things up .

As a Scorpio I love change in my life and thats exactly what I needed at the time of my transition  ! see Minimalism isn't just a fashion trend for me it's honestly a life changing experience . minimizing my life has been the best decision I've made in quiet a while . Minimizing my life was not just dressing a certain way but releasing and getting rid of all clutter , from getting rid of stuff and clothes I don't use or wear to ,clearing all the stress in my life and in my mind to live a stress free peaceful Zen lifestyle .

Since my transition I've let go of a lot of garments that I only kept just because the thought in my mind that I had it .and completely doing a makeover to my room ... I mean complete aha . I've also got more involved with Yin Yoga and Meditate on a daily now , now don't get me wrong I dont necessary call myself a minimalist yet but it's all about the journey that makes minimizing your life the best . instead of spending my money on clothing and unnecessary stuff I find myself working on fun DIY project smoking bud and just enjoying every moment of this short life we have to live , I like to keep myself grounded and reminded that being able to live this life is surely a blessing

Outfit Layouts

A few Outfit Layouts I've done in this past month ! =)


I can't explain to you guys how irritated I am with Blogger . Just so you guys are aware , These Edits of these photos are not in it's original format .... thanks to Blogger... . I've been using blogger for quite some years now and I think It's about time to move back to wordpress or just have my own Domain . blogger constantly Changes the edits of my photos once uploading them , They appear as if I brought down the contrast on my photos preventing from you guys seeing how the original edit is . It has done this with a few other post I've done but this might have to be the last straw. The original edits will be on my Tumblr HERE

Today was just a chill day nothing really Major went on , Really just sat in the house longing around and working on this DIY I'm putting together for this Industrial Light installation for the apartment . but before I work on that I wanted to do a little outfit update because I just feel like It's been a minute since I've done one . And Because I'm over the top excited about this Knyew Long-sleeve Elong tee . I'm sure you've all seen me in Knyew's E long tees . But the Long sleeve has to be my hand down favorite . The cut of the shirt gives you this draping vibe so when you walk it catches the wind a makes it a little dramatic . Although this shirt was a pull from the site I might just have to tell Jaz I'm stealing it aha. I hope everyone is having a fun Productive day , see ya next post suckas .

Classic Reeboks


Lately my obsession with athletic wear has been crazy , I don't know guys it's spring getting ready to be summer soon and I'm just loving athletic wear for the fact that it's loose ,effortless and , usually gives that good breezy feel that you need in this hot weather . So aside from keeping updated with Designers I've been keeping tabs on Nike , Reebok , Under armor and of course my Favorite .... Adidas . Today's outfit was a great example of what my wardrobe is looking like lately . Polyester , Spandex and Mesh .

Today I just got this Mesh Dimepiece Cap in from one of my best sponsors Knyew . I'm crazy in love with this Cap . A usual cap conceals your head from any kind of cool air ventilation which leads your head to sweat like crazy but this baby is great for my Daily runs in the Morning ... and went just great together with this oversized Mesh Jersey I purchased from the thrift store , Along with finding this thrift Mesh Jersey I also found these Nike Track shorts for only 3$ now if that's not a great Find I don't know what is . Hope everyone is having a fun relaxed day and keeping cool . Be sure to follow my Team Knyew on Instagram for their latest Merchandise updates .

Instagram : KNYEW

Cap : Dimpiece Mesh Cap
Shirt : Under Armor
Shorts : Nike
Shoes : Classic Reebok

Spring Comfortability

Ahhhh springs here , quite refreshing after that crazy cold winter . Now that springs here it time to do some spring cleaning or should I say spring minimalism . Lately I found myself getting rid of unnecessary things in my life clutter clutter clutter ! It's quite impressive seeing myself have to will power to get rid of so much old clothing I hoard in my closet that couldn't even remember I had ,and sticking to the essentials .such as loose fitting comfortable solid colored garments  . See I'm learning to not let my choice in clothing wear me but me wear it if that makes since . So this spring it's all refreshing soild colors and garments

Knyew Floral 5 Panel -
Deconstructed Thrifted tee
Nike Tack shorts
Pure White Authentic Vans


Sorry for the lack of updates guys . I promise there is a valid reason for my absence . As you know usually I do post helping promote brands and such and I've come to the conclusion I don't want to participate in being a walking advertisement anymore . A lot of people love the Idea of receiving free merchandise from brands but I'm so turned off by the idea of doing it anymore . Don't get me wrong I appreciate all the emails I get to style and shoot in merchandise and garments but I can't get with the idea of having logos and fonts all over my assembles . I've simplified literally everything about my life not just clothing buy my mind-state ,  my living area and just my overall surroundings . I've gotten so in touch with just solid colors such as White , Black and Grey . calming down all colors and paying attention to the Detail of Garments which falls into place of a lot of DIY's and Deconstructing .

Now this doesn't mean I wont be working with brands anymore , It just means It will be taken more lightly and the consideration will be taken more in depth . I also don't appreciate how some brands use me . I take a lot of time in my blog and styling . When I get merchandise I think of concepts , build a mood board in my mind , scout for locations and execute the concept by doing a full on shoot for the brand and then making an entry talking about the certain piece that was sent to me . So it really frustrates me when brands don't even consider reaching back out to me to thank me or even feature me on there social media . Sometimes it;s best to minimalize your life and realize your worth .