STUSSY Spring/Summer Lookbook



Being in Vegas we all know that the summer is usually the craziest season , with 100+ degree weather there is no way in hell you'll catch me in layers , expect to see a lot more shorts , oversized mesh Jerseys and a lot more shoots at night . The other day I stopped by Knyew to do a little shopping . While walking through the store for about 20 minutes my mind couldn't get off these two STUSSY Pieces . Usually when I shop I try to mix up the brands a bit for a little versatility in my wardrobe . but each one of these pieces seemed to be perfect . for 1 I love anything mesh that can give me a good breeze when its hot as hell so this 1st football jersey was perfection sitting in a store full of Merchandise . Alongside of that I wanted to mix it up and get something with a little color (I know ... Very rare huh ?) so I thought yellow and blue would be suiting for spring/summer . 

I have a lot coming up with summer including more video content so be sure to keep update with the blog or my IG : GRIZTRIZ . Also a big shout out to the Knyew Tea for always keeping me Laced in the cleanest gear !

What I'm Wearing 
Publishbrand Joggers 

You can find the whole look at Knyew.com



Hey guys ! if by now you haven't noticed . I am obsessed with healing crystals ! so when I come across artist that work with healing crystals I'm immediately captivated . my cosmic sister Roxxi has an amazing talent with hand clay carvings and crystal installations , you guys should most def check her out . she recently customized this beautiful crystal baby for me not to long ago . with my own crystal selection I decided to go with a few crystals I had my eye on for awhile  Labradorite , clear quartz , purple titanium aura quartz , blue titanium aura quartz smoky quartz and sadly what chipped off while stacking jewelry blue kyanite . its been such a pleasure working with this pieces that I even named it Omocana . she is my baby and I give her 3rd eye kisses hourly :)

Be sure to check out Roxxi's etsy online for latest crystal babies www.etsy.com/shop/roxxi1018 




Today we can definitely tell the change in the spring weather to the transition into summer . the heat is already overwhelming and we are barley moving into April AHHH ! so when I received this Extended Panel tee from Pride clothing , pants were out of the Question . I've never been a person of going pant-less but the weather has brought me to a "let it breathe" mind state aha . along side of the Extended tee I also received this OHM Necklace that I've been dying for from Haatichai Jewelry . Me and the Haatichai Brand have a lot more collaborations coming up soon that I'm excited for ! their vision on simplistic jewelry is right up my alley . so this new partnership will definitely be exciting .

What I'm Wearing
Pride Clothing Extended Panel Tee
Haatchai Jewelry OHM Necklace


The Pleiadian Prophecy

The Pleiades is the first place every soul travels from the source into form (Which is  interdimensional ) , souls will often return to there before returning to the 1 I AM Source . We came HERE (Here is a holographic world called Earth )To bring home here ... Meaning we came here to Anchor our energy of love and compassion to a fairly new Planet that was  and still is going through some tough times . to bring both the Divine Fem Energy Lemuria and the Heavenly Masc Energy from the atlanteans  just like our Ancient ancestors from Egypt did . now that we are in 2015 we are experiencing a collective awakening!  We are waking up to the truth and realizing our true purpose . Don't pay any mind to the Media and television ..... We are going through ruff tribulations but we can not heal others without starting to heal ourselves . The littlest positive changes you make in your life . has a crazy way of having that weird Domino Effect on Humanity as a Collective .