STUSSY Spring/Summer Lookbook



Being in Vegas we all know that the summer is usually the craziest season , with 100+ degree weather there is no way in hell you'll catch me in layers , expect to see a lot more shorts , oversized mesh Jerseys and a lot more shoots at night . The other day I stopped by Knyew to do a little shopping . While walking through the store for about 20 minutes my mind couldn't get off these two STUSSY Pieces . Usually when I shop I try to mix up the brands a bit for a little versatility in my wardrobe . but each one of these pieces seemed to be perfect . for 1 I love anything mesh that can give me a good breeze when its hot as hell so this 1st football jersey was perfection sitting in a store full of Merchandise . Alongside of that I wanted to mix it up and get something with a little color (I know ... Very rare huh ?) so I thought yellow and blue would be suiting for spring/summer . 

I have a lot coming up with summer including more video content so be sure to keep update with the blog or my IG : GRIZTRIZ . Also a big shout out to the Knyew Tea for always keeping me Laced in the cleanest gear !

What I'm Wearing 
Publishbrand Joggers 

You can find the whole look at Knyew.com

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