Hey guys ! if by now you haven't noticed . I am obsessed with healing crystals ! so when I come across artist that work with healing crystals I'm immediately captivated . my cosmic sister Roxxi has an amazing talent with hand clay carvings and crystal installations , you guys should most def check her out . she recently customized this beautiful crystal baby for me not to long ago . with my own crystal selection I decided to go with a few crystals I had my eye on for awhile  Labradorite , clear quartz , purple titanium aura quartz , blue titanium aura quartz smoky quartz and sadly what chipped off while stacking jewelry blue kyanite . its been such a pleasure working with this pieces that I even named it Omocana . she is my baby and I give her 3rd eye kisses hourly :)

Be sure to check out Roxxi's etsy online for latest crystal babies www.etsy.com/shop/roxxi1018 

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