Ahhh just when everything is going good ! my damn editing system crashes . well I wont be able to get the rest of the photos on this post but I will be posting them on my Instagram to be sure to follow me @GRIZTRIZ . so the weather is surprisingly just about perfect today , so I decided to get off my ass grab my camera and take a stroll around the city snapping shots in my Newest Dead Studio Pieces . if you've  noticed by now Griztriz and Dead Studios have a pretty tight connection . considering we are clear across the world from each other we have a pretty clear cohesive business relationship . Due to relatable aspirations . I'm happy to announce I will be having Video footage regularly to the blog ! although I know photos can be great I feel like a Video will give you guys a better understanding of who I really am and my lifestyle around Las Vegas . so make sure you guys keep refreshing the page because A lot ! of new content is at surface !

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