I've been asked plenty of times from my readers to continue to do video content but of course I lagged it most of the time , but when boss man Sam Moore (CEO of Dead Studios) sent out a request , I figured id have to put something epic out for Dead Studios . The concept of the video branches off of having so much going on in your life and realizing you need to just step back, breathe and gather yourself and let go off all the impurities and negativity weighing on you go( Which is what the Black balloons represent). I've had this concept brewing in my head for awhile now and finally thought it was time to make this trippy , deep dream into fruition with one of my good friends CHUCKNLV . even if it did mean the police rolling up on us right when I was rolling one up ahah , Luckily I'm good with my words . I really wanted the video to put my readers in a trance and actually see me in more of a personal way . and of Course the only music I could use would only be from my Favorite artist SZA . If you know anything about this woman you'd know you could find comfort in her music . she makes you feel like being vulnerable and being yourself is ok . I really hope you all liked the outcome of the Video and comment below and let me know if you'd like to see more editorial videos on the blog ;)


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  1. bro your style is dope!
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