Two more days and 2014 Summer will finally be over !! I'm so excited to get back into my layering and being able to finally have some kind of silhouette to my day to day looks .  and What way better to start showing you guys my Fall looks then to start with KITSCH . I've been wanting to work with Kitsch for awhile now but the timing just wasn't the right  due to the fact of them being right in middle of their production for their SS14 Collection . When the production was finished they shot me a little care package which included this awesome Over tunic and these Braise olive green pants .... which I wear everywhere now . with adjustable jaw string to both pieces you can find yourself wearing them in several different ways ...... (Very Versatile garments) if you're looking for a brand that pays attention to detail and great material I  definitely suggest my fellas to check out http://www.kitschnyc.com/


  1. OH MY GOD :'3 is very awesome ur outfit, regards dude.
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