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I'm happy to announce the newest sponsor to GRIZTRIZ.BLOGSPOT.COM ..Dead Castle Project !! . You might see some kind of similarities in this outfit from Previous outfit post  only because I've worked with Dead castle in the past , but we officially came to the conclusion that a sponsorship with be suitable' and a business relationship was needed  . I'm have to say I'm very Selective when it comes to adding sponsors to my Blog only because the Brand/Store has to represent and reflect GRIZTRIZ as a whole  and somewhat match the aesthetic I have going on . I see a bright future with us working together and I'm excited to get this going  . Dead castle is a Australian Street wear brand that serves Diversity and versitaitly in their garment , and all though I'm semi over Street wear and moving towards a different aesthetic , Dead castle brings a street wear vibe but a High end quality that I've grown to be obsessed with .
Today was a crazy hot day ! and I know I've been constantly talking about the heat in Vegas but Literally you have no IDEA! Today me and my little sister went for a  fun bike ride predicting it would be refreshing . but we were sadly mistaken when my sister passed out at a gas station Parking lot . I'm sure you're probably wondering "if it's that hot why the hell are you wearing a long sleeve"  but the great thing about this Dead Castle Symbol long sleeve is the material is a very thin cotton making it wearable in this summer weather.  Of course pants were not an option today so some DIY cut offs needed to be put into production . To finish off my summer look I thought these Petals to Peacocks Ying Yang socks would be perfect to match the detailed Yin Yang print on the long sleeve to make it a well thought out out together summer look . Happy Independence day guys ! get trashed and eat a lot of meat :)
White DIY Levi Cut offs
White Authentic Vans           

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  1. Thé jumper..... Love! Defo need to check out this brand!

    Www.virgosandkisses.com x