Although I love working I seem to be enjoying these chill off days of lounging around the house and stuffing my face any chance I can get . while I had time today I found myself walking around random spots in the desert embracing my surroundings and just feeling blessed to even be alive ,( no I didn't have a life or death experience ), Sometimes it's great to just look around and realizes how mysterious life is and how you can appreciate being able to live it whether you're going through a tough time or not .
Well I guess I picked the wrong outfit to be playing in the desert in . I mean seeing as I'm wearing all white aha. but everything about this outfit today was just so active and sporty that I had to do something that kept me proactive . I actually received this Future Misbhv tee awhile ago when  I was in Atlanta but just didn't have the time to shoot in it and every time I did I was over thinking the styling on it only because its so versatile  . trying to dress it up too much trying to dress it down too much, blahzay blahzay blahzay ! . so I said Fudge it and went with something realistic sporty and weather appropriate . I mean really what was I thinking trying to pair this effortless shirt with some got damn sweats in 100 + degree weather . So naturally I grabbed my Nike Track shorts that I recently thrifted and paired that with this Future Replica Mesh 5 panel . which was a perfect pair because they both have 3M Reflective detail to it .


  1. Sometimes it's nice to embrace your surroundings and appreciate everything you have. I do it every once in awhile, haha. I really like the Future tee, it's different than the oh-so originally black tees with blocky text. This is nice and clean cut with a twist. Love it Grizzelle. ♡

    xx AlexisSplash


  2. You styled it right! This outfit post is so refreshing. Im glad I came across ur blog via blackfashion tumblr. Ur blog looks great & ur style is fresh.

    Greets Jon,