Finally I get my hands on some KTZ Merch ! Now I can finally see what all this hype is about . Well guys I have to admit these Embroider Jeweled Shorts are none the less everything I expected . Now I've always been so skeptical about spending large amount of money on some of these ridiculously priced brands but after actually working with some of these brands and having actual contact with the clothing I see that it's not just a pieces you throw money at , but more so a wardrobe investment . Like if you're willing to invest this much money on designer garments than obviously you are going to get a lot wear out of them . Or maybe I'm just a super cheap blogger ahaha Well now seeing things into a different perspective maybe I can start making a little investments here and there ;) But don't get me wrong sometimes you will find some brands with amazing Qualities and reasonable prices for Example this Hi Lo Extended tee from Knyew . Definitely a Staple piece in my wardrobe . with a affordable realistic price range and great detail and material this baby is something I wouldn't think twice about purchasing .

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