Publish take 2.

Well it looks like another heat wave is about to hit Vegas ... "like literally give me a break vegas I just got here and you are already trying to kill me with 100 + degree weather" . before this unbelievable heat hit us I had to shoot in this Terry Fabric Tall tee I received from Knyew . I love all types of shades of Grey and this Tee caught my eye as soon as I walked in Knyew . the Best part about this tee is  how versatile it is . You can either dress it up or dress it down , but most importantly its easy to just lounge around the house in.
As I said in my Previous post Publish is on my top most favorite upcoming brands and I definitely see a bright future for them . I always like to watch the progression of a brand such as Daniel Patrick , Chelsea Bravo and Public School , any who I decided to have a little contract in the all grey look by adding my White classic's and this Knyew Hi lo Extended tee wrapped around my waist . Sometimes adding a lot of grey to one outfit can be a little over baring so it always good to break it up a little bit . I have a few more post coming you guys way that I think you will enjoy and a few new upcoming Brands that I'm collaborating with so keep a look out ;)
Publish Brand Grey tall tee
Drop Crotch Harem Sweats
Classic Reeboks
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