Daniel Patrick X Griztriz


Before I begin this post let me just explain how tired I am . Today I had to be up at  3am for a floor set at work which I'm perfectly fine with but because of a Family Emergency I only received about an hour or two of some shut eye , which left me exhausted on my first day .... No complaints though it was a pretty chill day . after work I was excited to shoot in these Daniel Patrick pieces that I picked up from Knyew .
Talk about a great Aesthetic this guy Daniel Patrick has for fabric and detail . as you all know I'm a sucker for Basic garments with consistent color palettes of monochrome colors and shades like grey , white and black , but after seeing these off white cream pieces put together I have a new obsession and will be stocking up on something new . to complete today's look I snatched up my Geraldo Doc Marten Sandals and creped through my mom closet to find this cool straw Fedora to give it that summer picnic vibe . Well I'm off to take advantage of this Cat nap I'm about to take to catch up on some ZZZ's until next time reader :)
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  1. What a unique & versatile shirt, breezy-looking too - perfect summer piece if ever I've seen one. What he's doing with basics is a dream, and you too. Anyway, I hope your family situation has since met a pleasant resolution.