Introducing a New upcoming brand all the way from New Zealand that I'm so excited to be collaborating with . KINDOMOF ! Now I believe they just launched a few collections and I'm impressed with the minimalistic approach they are bringing to their pieces . it's great to see a Brand just starting out and building their aesthetic . as they continued to impress me I actually received an email from them for a collaboration ... awesome right ? Now before I hop into what exactly I'm wearing , you all know I'm all about the Quality of Garments . and this one I was quite surprised about . see when I first seen this Powder Triple Sleeve Jersey . I didn't think it was literally triple sleeve but when I got it in the mail I was shocked . with a layered cotton detail on the sleeves this jersey was becoming more and more appreciated . I've literally been living in this piece with a monochromatic color scheme this piece I can pair with anything in my wardrobe . the thing I love most about this brand are the surprising little details to each piece . you'll know exactly what I mean in my future post for KINDOMOF . stay posted readers ;)
Grey Sweat shorts
Adidas Marathons

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  1. Thats just awesome!
    nice style you have