Dead Castle SS15

 I'm very happy to introduce to you guys just a little glimpse of the Dead Castle Project SS15
 collection . The other day I received quite a large package from my friend Sam Moore (The owner and Creative Director of DCP) . I was so stocked to see the latest collection ! My God I was extremely impressed to see what kind of direction they went with this collection , with a sporty vibe to each piece I was just so damn excited to sport this around Vegas . I have to say though , I feel blessed to have such a sponsor that trust and believes in my vision for their garments . If you've met me in real life you would know that blogging is truly one of my passions and I plan on making it into a career . I've been doing this for almost 4 years and I don't plan on stopping any time soon . although I know I have to work on quite a few things like... bettering my image quality , and improving my contents  . I know that this is a growing experience and I know that progression is my best friend . and being able to work and grow with brands such as Dead Castle it really inspires me . To progress and Grow each day .
anyways enough with the mushy stuff and back to the collection . anytime I receive a piece from Dead Castle I notice an evolution in their aesthetic . as you will see in this collection they played with a lot of textures and patterns but still keeping that monochromatic feel, which I love ! by them doing that it quiets down the pieces and makes them not so busy but more so a sporty casual chic . Which we all know is totally me . to keep that all grey quiet kind of relaxed feel to the outfit I added some dope ass Custom Gem's I just got in from my girl Stephanie the Designer of Vsxnsta which I'll be getting more in depth with my next post ;)! this is only the beginning of the collection , be sure to look out for more post in the SS15 collection .


  1. You do great work and I'm glad to be apart of your audience.

    1. Wow thank you Ashley I appreciate the support :)