It's Official.... I'm currently living back in Las Vegas . Over time of Living in Atlanta I got crazy home sick and after awhile I couldn't take putting on a front that I didn't miss my Family . so I packed my bags and headed back home . Since I've been back a lot of positive vibes have been coming my way . Last week I received an offer for a position as A visual Merchandiser at Guess which I'm pretty damn excited for ! and of course I'm excited to start working with Knyew again ! The other day I ran by the store for a little visit and of course they gifted me with some great pieces to shoot in . I just love the fact that every time I come in there everyone is so down to earth and welcomes you with open arms and a complimentary drink , It's honestly refreshing and makes you feel at home . you guys should be seeing some more collabs with myself and Knyew more frequently since we're located in the same area
Well today was a ridiculously hot day ! on days like this I like to wear outfits that are light , breezy and comfortable . so of course my choice of fabric had to be mesh so when I came into Knyew and I seen all these mesh garments I was in Heaven obviously they know the struggle of living in Las Vegas in the summer . So this Publish Brand Mesh Jersey with a perfect choice . I've been a fan of this brand for some time now and have been curious on how well their garments are put together . and well they definitely met my expectation the execution and aesthetic of their pieces are priceless ! you guys should most def take a stop by Knyew's online shop and take a peak at these Publish pieces Well I'm off to work on a few more surprises for you guys ;) sorry for my absence I'm just getting settled back in but I'm back with a BANG!

                                                       WHAT I'M WEARING
                                 Black Aikman Mesh Football Jersey  - Publish Brand
                                     Black Mesh Bucket Hat  - Raised by Wolves
                                              Adidas Track Pants  - Adidas
                                                          Rings  - VSXNSTA


  1. I bet you've must have been super homesick! I know I was the same way when I moved to Kansas, but I'm back in California again! I'm suppose to go to Vegas in October, maybe we should go out for lunch or something? Congrats on everything! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash


  2. Hey,
    The adi track pants. Are they the firebird track pants but custom tapered in?