It's official Y'all I will be touch downing in Las Vegas next week ! not on very great terms though , My eldest sister just recently had two strokes and I figured it was definitely time to see the family .... I mean it has been over a year since I've even been back in Vegas . So it should be great to see and visit the family . While I'm in Vegas I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to actually be productive and get stuff done to better myself and my blog . So while my visit there I will be filming a short video for a dope intro to my blog , and will be visiting my Sponsors Knyew to do a little shoot and style a few pieces from the shop ! how exciting right ?!
I actually shot these few photos a few days ago on my off day from the Studio. It was a chilly day and didn't really have plans but to sit home smoke this eighth I bought and look fresh but comfy in my Weed and Bones Crew neck that I got gifted from http://www.brcstreetcouture.com/ . I can't explain to you how many head turns I get from elderly people when they see me in this ahaha . the quality of the crew neck is just like my Dubai sweatshirt thick and over-sized , I can't really get over this Crew neck it's been my official stoner sweatshirt . moving on with the look I've been pretty obsessed with sweatsuits for some reason . so I thought it would only be right to wear theses L.A.T.H.C sweats that my roommate gave me when he discovered they didn't fit him at all ,after purchasing them from karmaloop . such a lose for him but such a gain for me aha . the weather in Georgia is getting crazy which means layering the fuck up ! but with these sweats I don't really have to throw anything underneath because they conserve so much body heat, I actually get pretty damn hot in these damn things .If anyone knows me they would know how much I hate!!! a small beanie and  that's pretty much what this Vintage Beanie was from VINTAGE STEREON ... so knowing me I had to improvise and just turn the damn beanie inside out and make it a tall hood ass beanie ahah , I find the beanie to be more interesting seeing how the letters are upside down , leading people to stare at my forehead until they come to the realization on what the word says . Finalizing my look ! I recently got these Crazy 8 Adidas , I've been in such a sneaker mood lately and figured it was time to get a pair . My heart was set on some Nikes but like always they didn't have my size so I thought these would compensate for the nikes .... plus these were cheaper.

Hope everyone's day was productive and fun , I will be documenting my trip to Las Vegas , so look out for photos !

Weed and Bones sweater - http://www.brcstreetcouture.com/
L.A.T.H.C sweats - http://www.karmaloop.com/
Vintage Beanie - http://vintagestereon.com/
Crazy 8 Adidas- Foot Locker


  1. I hope your sister is okay! Can't wait to see your video.