Today was such a laid back day , me and Damon decided to go to little 5 points to chill , shoot and hopefully get some money off me selling these teal hell bounds which I only worn once...... EPIC FAIL ! ok guys these basic ass girls from this raggedy ass Clothing warehouse decided to buy my hellbounds which run for 250$ whole sale retail price . decided to  buy them off  me for 20$....... umm like what the hell did they think this was?! 20 $ for a shoe that sales online for 250$ .....  ummm I dont think so . So I went back home empty handed but satisfied I didn't sale them . but I will be selling my hell bounds online for only 100$  so keep a look out lady's

The other day I received these  AZS Jesus suspenders from Cross , right away I knew I wanted to sport them with a white button up .... Ideally I wanted to wear them up , rather then down , but I thought that would be so predictable . So I said fuck the classy look lets do a edgy classy look . After that conclusion I took scissors  to the damn white button up to crop it and added a mesh jersey underneath the give it a little color block and also give the illusion of a somewhat white mesh button up . Like any other look lately as you may have noticed I thought my Leather Jacket would go great with the mesh and keep me warm from the cold weather , Finalizing my look I thought my Transformer  Depression platforms pair perfect with my Motorcycle jacket ... I just thought the metal accents in the shoes went fucking great with the metal detail in the jacket .

I'll be heading to Vegas in 2 Days! how exciting to excited to get some work done and visit my family !! Yes Turn up !

AZS Suspenders #JESUSCOLLECTION  - http://azs.bigcartel.com/
DIY Mesh button up 
Zara Leather skinnies
Transformer Depression Platforms