while I've been gone a lot has happened , I decided to quit my part time job and take on m dream full on .  yeah part time jobs help .... but It doesn't help or satisfy my artistic needs . So I quit Journeys and just recently got hired on Freshiam as a full time intern , I've been learning so much in the short amount of time that I've been working with freshiam such as deconstructing clothing , to excel , to inventory and so on . I'm so excited with whats going on in my life right now . I've met some rad people so far and it's really starting to help me evolve not only as a blogger but as a go getter , it feels great to be around such ambitious driven people  This has inspired me to take measures to the next level . I have so much coming to the GRIZTRIZ , I can't really let the cat out of the bag but all I can say is it will be refreshing and innovative .

There is something so fascinating  about the color black that I can't really seem to wrap my head around . the Color black is so simplistic but yet so striking .... especially when you have a overload of black on . The shade of black can be so mysterious and hidden but yet  stand out like a sore thumb . Which is why I probably love it ! over time my closet has become a funeral wardrobe ...... which is ideal

Today is a chill relaxed day and whats better than to finally sport these Monster sweats by http://fu-xu-ry.com/ .Literally guys if you're looking for a comfy warm sweat for winter , I HIGHLY suggest these , the other day I was headed to Atlanta on the bus in 25 degree weather. and I had these sweats on and usually I feel a slight cold breeze in my sweats but these are different the quality of the sweats are well worth their price ! just by looking at the detail in them you can tell there was time and effort but into these sweats !

Moving forth with this comfy look I thought If I'm gonna wear sweat pants why the hell not just make the whole look in to a sweat suit look . So it was completely necessary to bring out this Jesus crew neck from AZS's newest Jesus collection . Over time with working with cross I have definitely seen the improvement in his collections! wait until you see what else he has designed that's coming to the blog no its not a hat nor is it a shirt ... you'll just have to wait and see ;)

Hat: Baphomet Cap  ( which is now on sale for only 48.00$) http://www.os-accessories.com/
Crew neck : Jesus Crew neck  http://azs.bigcartel.com/
Sweatpants : Monster Sweatpants http://fu-xu-ry.com/index/
Shoes: Leather Skate hi Slims

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