So today was a great day , Today I had to work in Atlanta , which was good because I was productive . which is always great !After work I decided to go to a Mediterranean restaurant in the city and smoke some hookah and socialize for an hour or  two . There is something about the city I love sooo much . it has to be the aggressive , fast paced , motivated atmosphere . like I was made for that scene aha . my personality mashes so well with the environment  and me and Damon decided that after this year of living in kennesaw GA that , we would most likely be moving into a studio in Atlanta . Exciting right ?!

Today my fit was very simple and edgy , I recently got this Leather motorcycle jacket on my birthday . as I mentioned in my last post and literally haven't taken it off since I got it ahah . I guess I got it just in time, the weather is so chili and windy . I'm pretty sure everyone knows how versatile a leather jacket can be . So seeing as today I wanted a laid back edgy look I thought nothing is more simple than some high waisted distressed denim pants with a basic white shirt. to top off my look I added no accessories because I felt like that would possibly over do the look and pull away from my simple vision . So to top off the look I grabbed an old bandanna and just tied that bad boy right around my head .

It's weird how much my appearance is starting to relax down , maybe it the weather , anyways hope everyone Is staying productive through out this week so when the weekend comes we can TURN UP !


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