Lately I feel like I've been losing a sense of my inspiration which is horrible ! considering the fact I've overwhelmed my life with working two job and chasing a desired dream can sometimes pull away from your inspiration . so last night I was on the hunt for a source of inspiration . Usually when I'm looking for a legit reliable source of inspiration , I always hit up the mother of my blog .... http://www.solestruck.com/ . solestruck is not only known for their shows but also their blog . I've been a loyal reader of the blog for some years now whether it be Henry doing a post or the lovely Shelley . I usually find myself in a ahhh . Last night I stumbled on this post http://blog.solestruck.com/fucking-young/  and fell in love with Fucking young . literally the best Menswear blog out I applaud . here are a few Photos that really got me going 


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