Welp it's official guys I'm officially 20 years old . geesh it feels weird to even document that . My birthday went actually pretty good , I woke up early in the morning with my Boyfriend to go to down town Atlanta to finally get this Leather motorcycle jacket that I've been wanting  , I mean I needed it for winter ! on our way back home I realized my Boss scheduled me on my birthday so I had to go into work , my godsh guys I was working an 11 hr shift . ahaha , It sounds like it would suck but I realized that hard work pays off so what the hell ,and plus I'm making money , after work I came home too three blunts rolled by my roommate and my boyfriend . To top off my birthday my boyfriend baked me a Red Velvet cake .... mmmmmm it was delicious . 

Today was such a chill relaxing day , the sun didn't come out at all today and it was drizzling and foggy all over Atlanta , With that said I wanted to try a layed back relaxed look . keeping it simple with some thrifted denim pants ( THAT FIT ME PERFECT .... ITS A MIRACLE) and these thrifted oxfords that I spray painted . I hope everyone is having a lovely Morning/day . see you guys next post =)

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