Sorry about the delay on a post . My time has  been preoccupied with work and settling in to my new place . like having no furniture yet , no internet , no cable ... yeah it's been like that the past few days but everything is starting to work out  and shape into place . so Today I wanted to wear something versatile with some what of an illusion . So I had this Calvin Klein vintage button up in my closet ( It's my boyfriends ) ahah and decided that maybe I should do something more abstract and MOD so I threw on this cropped " RANT" DIY sweater I made that you probably seen in one of my previous post and threw it over the Calvin Klein . Are you guys obsessed with the idea !? GET INTO IT ! . as you know I'm pretty much a shoe addict . So I always feel a shoe always tops off a look . kind of like putting icing on a cake . so Why not prep up this look with my espadrilles from FLUE VOG that Solestruck sent me about a moth ago . but something just wasn't putting the icing on my cake today . until I realized that I had these RUNES Shades that Alyssa the owner of  http://pandaeyes.bigcartel.com/ sent me . ugh I'm so completely and utterly obsessed with these shades . These will definitely be my go to shades for a minute ! Well I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday because I know I am . I get paid today and I'm getting a new bed today . YES TO SLEEP

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