Allow me to introduce to you my new all time favorite jersey! I mean cmon look at it ! I liked the fact that I'm having to do research on all the symbols on the Jersey . I mean I got some of them down . but it's kind of hard to look a symbol up if all you have is the symbol ahah . So I might have to email the lovely Alyssa , The owner of http://pandaeyes.bigcartel.com/ to get more of a insight on what the symbols mean and what inspired her . I truly feel each one of her pieces are a piece of art and are so intriguing . I guess it will be pretty awesome that I'll be meeting her in person in September for a collaboration on a Photo shoot that we'll be doing together . I'm so stocked to meet her and put our minds together for something epic ! anywho I highly recommend you guys check out http://pandaeyes.bigcartel.com/ . If you're looking for good quality merchandise from such an ambitious designer .

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