Today is going to be a productive day , I'm off from work and I move into my new apartment tomorrow . so I'll be home all day packing stuff up and cleaning .... blahhh sooo boring but hey it's exciting at the same time because I'll be moving into my very first place ! I'll be snapping photos of my new place and posting them on my blog soon =)

The weather today isnt that shabby might I say myself .so this fit that http://deorocompany.bigcartel.com/ sent me was perfect seeing as my latest obsession is Black and White . these mesh shorts are my favorite ! I wear them to bed , grocery shopping or even just to stunt they are my" EVERY-DAYS" as I usually say Deoro company is based in Las Vegas and is hoping to make a Legacy with their apparel I definitely see a lot of potential in them . I suggest you guys check them out !

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