Today has been one of those days I had to walk around letting basics know that it's not an illusion it is a bad bitch that stands before you ahah ...joking . Today was a pretty spiffy day. Thankfully I was off and finally had the time to shoot in this dope ass Turnt up Tie Dye shirt !from Good Goat Garments this has to be my favorite tripping shirt ! the colors are so vibrant and catches your eye. The other day me my roommate and my boyfriend decided to trip on lucy and this was my go to shirt . My trip was so euphoric and nothing but visuals ....really amazing the only bad thing was the come up. my anxiety wasn't ready ahah but I was able to manage it and tripped for 13 hours ! I was really planning on going to the woods to trip but the whole trip was so intense that what really happened was sitting in a room for 13hrs amazed by things I've  never realized in my room . My hearing was so unbelievable I was hearing conversation from outside and inside . really one of my favorite trips .

Ok lets start this break down on what I'm wearing and how I put it together , Well me and Damon were sitting in the room listening to Unicorn Kid and working on a DIY that is coming for my next post ;) , anyways I wanted to be over the top and dramatic with styling this shirt from Good goat Garments , So I thought My substitute jump ups from http://solestruck.com would be perfect! I mean who doesn't like a 4 inch platform !! seeing as I had this paired it was time to bring up the outfit a notch so why no add this CHROME TO YO DOME beanie that was sent to me from Joe Anthony Salas. it has to be my favorite beanie in my beanie collection right now , having the ability to blind people makes me somewhat feel powerful aha . I guess it's like " yeah bitch I look so good I'm blinding yo ass" ahah. oh the mix match sock were not on purpose ... I can just never find matching socks ...ooops

Shoes : http://solestruck.com


  1. Love the hat, shoes, shirt- basically everything. Love your style!


  2. i love everything about this!! especially the shirt and the mismatched socks lol ♥