Whats up guys excuse the exposure going on in this post aha my boyfriend is not really ok with it , anyways Today has been a crazy day I went apartment searching with my roommate . It feels crazy to know I'm becoming an adult and how much I'm evolving to a responsible one :). I'm so excited on getting my first actual place in Georgia . It will definitely be a new chapter in my life to share with Damon . Ugh I sound so mushy aha.
Lately my variety on music as been so diverse and futuristic that its actually has been inspiring me to take risk and give something a little more futuristic and ahead of time with my outfits . so a little exposure with this DIY Rant crop top sweater I made when I was stoned was perfect plus the weather was amaze today ! I've been filled with so much inspiration lately I've actually started doing DIY's again ! Check out this SEE NO EVIL bomber jacket I started working on . using only white out and old T-shirts I cut up and made patches out of . It's not fully finished but I'm already so much in love with it I'll wear the unfinished project . Before you say "how gross his boxers are showing" , I would like to reassure you and tell you I have boxers underneath these boxers .... These plaid boxers are actually my boyfriends but I thought throwing them over my boxers and safety pinning them to fit my waist was so worth it because the plaid went so well with the outfit ...... ahah I'm so difficult , the things I do for fashion . 
To top off this harcore look with a cherry on top I needed to add my Overbite Leather Snap back by OS Accessories ! hope everyone is starting their moth positively ! 

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  1. What a cool jacket!

    Ps: I'm doing a fashion-related survey for my MSc dissertation, 5 mins, much much help ♥ https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SKTDCSM