For the love of Money

Today has been a long ass day guys I woke up at 4am to catch the public bus to work at 6 and had to be ar work 7 -2 but I really took my sleeping time when I got home to shoot in this dope ass beanie http://www.joeanthonysalas.com/ sent me , Lateley I've been having an obsession with black and silver so what the fuck better than a star studded casual beanie ! thanks again Joe ! this bean is now a everyday essential ! you can check out all his dop ass beanies on http://www.joeanthonysalas.com/

Knyew Jersey Sand lot Collection -http://knyew.com/shop/mesh-jersey/
Levis shorts - Thrifted
DIY Doc Martens
Knyew Damn Homme Shirt -http://knyew.com/shop/damn-homme-tee/

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