Wow has it really been like Easter since I've updated my blog with a outfit post? Don't you guys ever think I'm going anywhere, this blogging thing is now a lifestyle I've been doing this since my sophomore year in high school yo! Well as you guys know I moved out of Vegas and headed down south to Georgia . but I'm always showing my city (Las Vegas) some love ! so I was so stocked to get an email from Jazz the Manager of a street wear brand in Vegas called Knyew. I've always kept track of vegas brands but Knyew always stuck out to me and was one of my favorites! So I was pretty shocked to hear they wanted to work with me and send me a care package ! I'm using so many damn exclamation marks only because it excites me to see some kind of potential of fashion in Vegas . I mean Vegas has so much potential but nobody wants to put the effort into putting Vegas on the map.I'm so Glad that DJ Crooked and DJ Neva decided to open the store in Vegas and make it possible for people that are not in vegas to shop from the store online as well.

When they told me they wanted to send me merchandise and to pick stuff on the site, I was excited and originally only picked like 4 things but they insisted on sending me more (Spoiled brat) ahaha. as soon as I got the package my room was a hot ass mess from throwing all my clothes around to find pieces to go with all the new stuff I got . So today I went for a more laid back look pairing this Selfie tank  from Petals & Peacocks with my Knyew Gold beanie  just to give the outfit a little pop . when I had those paired . I knew I had to go for a hype beast look so why not grab my Favorite Camo Pants and tighten them at my calf to make them more like shorts. usually when I wear shorts I like to wear socks that stand out! so I washed my HUF socks (because I wear these damn things like almost everyday aha) and threw them on with my Vans Skate -hi's . When it came down to it I thought I was ready to go and enjoy my beginning of my weekend but had to run back in because there was a drift breeze . So I grabbed this original Levis Denim Jacket . and bam! my look was complete !

Knyew carries all the top trendy street wear brands and upcoming ones . So if you're into street-wear .....Hell they even have some high end shit ! they have anything that basically to your liking ! so check them out and tell them ya boy Griz sent you ;)
instagram : KNYEW

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  1. Yay! New outfit. Totally obsessed with your style!