Back to my roots

As you may know I've kinda put a pause on my heels , pairing most of my outfits with boots or vans . but lets not forget a 6.5 inch heel will always be my main love . Regardless of what brands I work with or how anyone feels I will continue to be "that bitch" and break a few necks here and there . So Today was actually a day I did pretty much nothing but show up to the damn DMV at like 7am and had to stand in a damn line outside of the building freezing my ass off . but hey it was worth it I hate sleeping in I love to start my days off early as Fuck.
When I decided to wear my heels I have certain standards on how I must look. !. I will never wear open toed heels ....ewww sorry not happening as fierce as the heel could be its just not going on her foot! I will forever love a chunky ass tall heel which is why I feel hellbounds were made for me aha . I got these teal Hell Bounds as a Birthday present from mama Ty back at Solestruck . and needless to say these shoes are always a show stopper so I try not to over style it or match the heel with something too matchy . 

If you seen previous of my post you would know Denim is one of my best friends and I have no problem mixing denims , I actually think it's pretty dope ! So I decided to steal my Boyfriends denim jacket and throw on these denim skinnies I picked up from a thrift store back in Vegas. seeing as I was mixing denims I thought It was the perfect time to Throw on my Cunana logo shirt that was sent to me by the cunanan Family , I like the idea of not matching the shirt at all to make the look more effortless and casual . this shirt has to literally be one of my Favs in my closet at the time the quality of the shirt is A motha fuckin +. and is quite soft Yo! to finish off my look I threw on this Get Fucked beanie which was a gift from one of my closes friends . Well that pretty much summed up my look for today . :)) BTW I love seeing all you fellas tag me in your pictures of you in heels on instagram y'all keep werkin and let everyone know "YOU ARE A BAD BITCH WITH A ATTITUDE"

Oh yeah and be sure to check out http://houseofcunanan.bigcartel.com/ for some controversial apparel 

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