Have a Trill Easter

So today is my day off and I'm barley realizing that today is Easter! aha . I've been so out of touch with the news and holidays (don't really care) well this week has been horrible ! my manager seems to always be on my back and treating me unfair ...so like the professional person I am I tried to pull her aside and talk to her about how shes been treating me . and guess what happened the next day guys ?! she completely cut my hours . I went from 34 hrs + and now I'm down to 18hrs . its unbelievable and unfortunate how much people need to grow up . anyways today's Easter and I was not about to fuck with pastel colors like everyone fucking else . So I decided to have a trill Easter ! so as you may know I'm always sporting htt://azs.bigcartel.com hats but this one has to be one of my favs that they sent me !"JEAN PAUL GANGSTER" aha its just so dope. so what better way to be trill than some camo ! so I threw my Boyfriends Camo pants on with my " COCO FUCKIN CHANEL" jacket around my wait with my vintage stereon sweater . seeing as my look was moving towards a military look I decided to throw on my fav boots at the moment , my DIY Doc Martens. anwyas I'm not gonna drag on this post everyone have a good day and stay positive :)

you can get your own Jean Paul Gangster snap back from http://azs.bigcartel.com 

PS. keep a look out for me and crosss collab we're doing ... you're gonna love it !

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