Damn Homme ... The Fuck Happen'd to you?

Fuck I'm so obsessed with This " Damn Homme ...The Fuck happend to you " Collection that Knyew released . And to be able to get it first hand from Knyew made me want to slay sooo hard in the collection by doing a more dark trilla look going on .I went to this cool ass Location to shoot this look with graffiti everywhere including the floor ... it was pretty damn awesome despite the fact there were bugs literally everywhere aha . It's a shame they're building something over it because its where most of the local skaters skate :(. 

Anyways lets get the break down on the look . when I got the package of the Damn Homme stuff I was literally stuck for two days trying to find something to style it with because I didn't want the look to be so chill and basic but more so edgy and dark . So I decided to throw on  my Vintage stereon Cocaine long sleeve under my Damn Homme Shirt and of course had to Throw on these Zara Leather skinnies. I first intended to wear a black sneaker but I was like what the hell lets edge this look up and throw on my hell raisers . I've had these bad boys for more than a year and they're still in good shape . I moshed for my first time in these and yet not one spike has fallen off . To finish off my look I decided to add a little hood to the mix . So I DIY'ed this Gold Mcmxxii crew neck by adding this bandanna to it .I thought it was a pretty dope idea but I went threw the whole day tying the sweater from the back of my waist to the front because I honestly thought both was were pretty cool and wanted to try something different by tying it backwards .for accesories I wanted to go simple but of course luxurious grabbing a simple silver chain and some leather gloves !

I'm pretty pleased with how the outcome came out and a big thank you to Knyew for hooking ya boy up with the gear ! you will seeing more of the on my blog :)


  1. I love your fresh cut mustache babe lol. Anywah, totally diggin' the KYNEW shirt. Their stuff is pretty legit. Might have to bounce on that line. Look clean as usually <3

  2. fuckin trill look my man. hella digging those leather pants from Zara, definitely gonna need to cop a pair. love the fit. x