Wow What a nice day today's becoming to be. Me and Damon decided to get up early for once and actually enjoy the whole entire day. So we woke up got dressed and I thought it would be perfect considering the weather is close to perfection today to wear my BOY TOY shirt from Petal and Peacocks that Knyew sent me and wear it with these plaid shorts that I DIY'ed . Today was all about sight seeing and not so much about spending money I mean because it's totally possible to enjoy yourself and have fun without spending money . so first we wanted to start by grabbing lunch and Apple bees has this two for 20 deal so we took advantage of that and I got the New Orleans Skillet mmmm so good but spicy as well.

After that we decided to head down to Atlanta to go to little five points to find cool areas to shoot and man there were so many very inspiring actually . So how is everyone's day going ? :)

Shorts: Thrifted and DIY
Shoes: Doc Martens

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  1. This outfit is so punk, I'm obsessed <3 Love the top :)