Black Panther Realness!!

Are you guys loving how often I'm updating my blog ? I mean it's a lot of work but what the hell you guys are totally worth it . well today my YRU shoes finally came in the mail, I dont know if you guys know but most of my clothing is still in vegas and I've  practically been living out of my Boyfriends closet . but I have my mom send me packages of my clothes here and there. If her lazy butt ever gets too it aha . I literally had to have a argument with this woman just to get my hell bounds and my YRU platforms ahah . still love her though (only saying that because she checks my blog here and there) aha.

Well today was a pretty chill day I spent most of my day spending quality time with my butt head boyfriend walking around campus acting gay and shit aha . I use to find it quite strange posing for photos around people . but I think my self esteem is kinda boosted now and I'm like "fuck it I'm gonna walk in this bitch like I own a hoe" . Well as you guys can see I'm rocking another Cunana Logo T-shirt that was sent to me to style and as you guys know black is one of my favorite colors ..... I mean if Black is considered a color . so Today shes serving to you Black panther Realness served on a silver platter with a appetizer of chic goth .

Oh you're wondering about that hat huh? well it was sent to me as a gift and it has to be one of my all time favorite leather hats ... I mean where can you get a snapback like this ?! ummm nowhere but OS accessories! to complete my all black look I had to pair it with my YRU platforms that YRU sent me these are like the most comfortable platform to walk it I mean I walked in these all day with no problem or stumbles I was like Jesus walking on water . (don't take me to literal ) well anywho you guys should be exspecting me to be updating my blog like everyday . I have no clue how long that will last but just get into it . I hope you guys are loving the outfit post I love all you faithful readers and I not only do this for me but I do this for my loyal reader .

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