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 A lot of my readers are always curious to what inspires me and who inspires me. So I decided to make a few new post featuring my top three inspiration .... and actually it was pretty easy to narrow it down . As I said before in my prior post " THERE IS NOTHING THAT INSPIRES ME MORE THAN A DRIVEN PERSON" which leads me to introduce my #1 inspiration and will always be Ty McBride . I met Ty threw one of my fav sponsors solestruck , Around last year solestruck decided to send me to Project ( a trade show for all new brands showcasing all their new merchandise for buyers to buy) well when they decided to send me I was meeting up with Ty for the first time at Starbucks .... I didn't know who to look for !!!and a random guy with a printed button up comes up to me hugs me and asks me if  I'm hungry ( around this time I knew it had to be ty ) after I said no it was dead on business  Ty: " ok no? ok we have to hurry and catch this meeting and this meeting etc! what captures me most about ty is how motivated and comfortable he is with himself and his work .. he has no shame hunty! If you ever have a conversation with Ty  you would know his conversations always amusing and always leaves you with a laugh or smile on your face . after the meeting ty we met up with the owner of solestruck and the lovely lavender head Sarah vale ( most hectic week of my life guys!) after the week me and Ty were the only ones standing and we came across black outs in the building while we were buying shoes for the site  ...rain and thunderstorms . but Ty was still determined to make every meeting regardless if it was raining and he had flip flops on ! OH TY! lol . after the experience was over me and Ty sat in cab tired and exhausted and talked about how great it was to meet each other and as soon as he got out the car my heart dropped and I began to wimp a little ( making sure the driver didn't see me . meeting ty was honestly a life changing experience because after working with him it motivated me more to continue to blog more and put myself out there .because although I have traffic going on on my blog it's not as big as other bloggers but solestruck and Ty see so much potential in me and my blog that it's a little ego boost to be honest. anywho guys I decided to interview ty a bit to give you guys a better insight on what this man does and who he is now read and get into it and as solestruck will always say you better WERQUE! 

(Photos by :Nicholas Wilson)
Who are you and what do you do queen?
I am Ty McBride. I am 35 years old, a Leo, bi-coastal, and the brand manager and creative director behind Solestruck.com. In addition to all of that? I am a secret volleyball champion, love white wine, and think that denim on denim is a religion.

(Photo by :Nicholas Wilson)
Do you feel as inspiration has been  misconceived as imitation? ( are people really inspired or are they just imitating others ?)
I feel like the speed of trend and the speed of life in general is affecting fashion and creation. We are seeing more people create more unique things than ever, but of course, the access we have to everyone's life--leads to more copies, spin offs, inspired concepts or similar trends. I think in this time, this open access and fast pace, really inspires creatives to stick to their vision, do what they do as well as they can, and just focus on the work at hand.  

A lot of my readers and followers ask how I got the opportunity to work with solestruck and I honestly  never know to answer . so what drove solestruck to griztriz and what does solestruck look for when it comes to collaborations so my readers are  aware ?
Well, we met you through our guest blogger outreach campaign. Your blog caught the attention of our office staff and creative team. We felt that you reflected the vibe of our client, the voice of our company in many ways. We are a company that is inspired by it's clients, and very much strives to be in tune with that. Once we started working with you---a partnership developed, and I see it being one that will continue to grow and change as time passes. Working with you in Vegas was great for us, your feedback is different than ours, and helps us to see our decisions and choices from the eye of a consumer. Oh, and you are a crazy bitch! We love us some cray cray up in here! 

what motivates you and inspires seeing as you have to stay creative because you are the "CREATIVE DIRECTOR" of solestruck?

I am personally motivated by episodic slice of life events. Those small experiences or sightings you get on the street that make you stop in your tracks and just realize---HOLY SHIT LIFE IS GOOD. I find inspiration in travel, and by being nomadic. I am also inspired by gays of the 1970's and 80's.  I find a huge inspiration in peoples personal passions. I love seeing how people dissect their interests, hobbies, loves, passions and interests. I am one of those people who is almost haunted by what motivates him. My main goal in my work is to keep focused on the prize, and to ALWAYS fight to stay relevant, no matter what. 

In my work, I am so motivated by my coworkers at solestruck. I have never worked anywhere like this before. The talent of the current staff we have is insane. I am motivated by the passion they bring to the table, the drive they have, and the insight they give me.
                                                          (Photo by: Nicholas Wilson)

Unif or Jeffrey Campbell Lita?
Um....how about, Charles Anastase Dungeon Boot?
Out off all shoe brands who is slaying the competition for mama ty?

For me personally Buffalo is really doing something cool right now. I love the brand and the heritage aspect of the sneakers we do with them. We are bringing out some new styles this summer which are not platform sneakers, and I feel like the reaction is going to be strong. I really like TO BE ANNOUNCED on our site as well--it's a return to chic, a return to class. I'm personally over shoes with TOO MUCH--The day of the shoe gimmick has passed for me. I also think the new brand we introduced from Hong Kong, In Between, is amazing and one too watch!

Of course, I cannot only be obsessed with what we sell! I love Simone Rocha, LD Tuttle, Cinzia Aria, and I really really died over the most recent range from Balenciaga.  I should also mention I basically wear only cowboy boots---It's an odd thing--I am surrounded by all these amazing shoes, but I have a uniform---so get into it.

my last question to you is girl when do you ever sleep?

I am one of those gays who can go on like 6 hours a night. I can do that for a while...then I take 24 hours, and I don't leave my bed.
In that 24 hours, I catch up on Drag Race, GIRLS, tumblr, I nap, email friends, eat delivery in bed, dive into youtube, and of course stalk shoes online

BTW he loves his men Latin lol

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