If there is one thing I'm not doing is putting u a front on my blog just to impress companies and seem professional . threw out my years of blogging I've kept it personal and 100 . and as you guys can tell I'm a serious pot head who loves to express it ! anyways moral of the story . a little advice for my readers trying to start a blog "NEVER BE PHONY" always continue to do you and if companies like it cool and if not then fuck it and keep blogging . see blogging isn't about getting the most expensive things and working with top companies its  about self expression ( I just secretly use it just to vent lol ). godsh babbling about things you guys don't give two shits about aha. 
a few weeks back I got an email from one of the dopest online shops I've actually came across called shop apple sauced and always admired their merchandise thanks to prior conversation and shoots with MS.JNELV . and what do you know guys they wanted to send me this awesome "GET DIPPED STAY STONED" T-shirt ! I've probably smoked about 4 blunts with this T-shirt on because it just feels right aha . you guys have no clue How much I wanted this shirt and to finally have it ..... I feel pretty top notch . if you feel like smoking out in this T you can purchase one here http://www.shopapplesauced.com/apple-sauced-get-dipped-stay-stoned-tee/(GET DIPPED STAY STONE T-SHIRT) 

Today when I was walking around campus I was blinding a few people because ya know bejewled is happening on my head aha. 1. I can not get over how dramatic and out there this beanie is ! I've come across a lot of beanies of my time of blogging if you've been following my blogging career but never have I seen a beanie like  this . the beanie is such good quality and definitley a eye catcher but my boss had a little disagreement with it ... apparently its a distraction (naw shes just basic ) . AHAHA , I'm so crazy about the beanie that me and Good Goat Garments will be doing a collaboration soon so keep a look out guys !


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  1. Omg thanks for this, people are always surprised by my language in my blog but im like thats how i'd talk if you met me lol. Keep up the fly!!

  2. YES! everything you wrote - yes.

    Blog for YOU! not anyone else.. you are fucking great.