For you guy's information I haven't vanished from the face of the world ! aha sorry for my absence as I always say after leaving you guys for a brief moment . anyways as you can see I have a big ass piece of metal hanging from my nose ... yup I finally gave into the septum piercing . I'm thinking about stretching it a bit too ;). moving forth I finally had the time to update this bitch I just got off work and came home to this sick snapback AZS and JNELV collabed on and what better than to automatically grab a fit and shoot in it shout out to crossroadds and my girl Janelle . If you're digging the snapback as much as I am (disregard my pissed off face in every picture) you can purchase one from http://azs.bigcartel.com .

No biggie I'm just walking around campus with the word cocaine and a bad bitch with her tits all out ... it's totally  casual  aha. Well about a week ago I was sent this awesome package from the team back in Miami from Vintage Stereon and I was so stocked to take all the stuff they sent me and stunt on a few motha fuckas .I've word the sweater and longsleeve cocaine top about 5 times .... and it's already been a week lol! 

"Vintage Stereon is a Miami based street wear brand that was created by Brandon Morris, Kevin Oboh, Jonathan Desrosiers, Jacinth Lattiboudeaire, Hamilton Troy Chattoo, and JuLien Flores back in 2006. We are heavily influenced by things of the past, such as Art , Music and a assortment of different trends and fashions. The reason why we decided to use the word vintage in our name is because the word ” Vintage ” is classic and everlasting. The word Stereon refers to our childhood at a time when we had no direction but all the inspiration in the world. Our style is unique and unpredictable and you can even say our clothing brand is like a time table. We change our style in every collection and try to apply what we know and researched about that era. We can be a little 90′s in one collection and in the next, get inspired by the 60′s. For example, our Huey Newton and Tie Dye Shirt in our latest collection entitled ” Magnum Opus”(The Great Work), came directly from the sixties where the Black Panthers were a nationally prominent force and well known for their notorious actions, where-as Tye-dye being a prominent force in fashion and expression at the same time. We put much thought and focus into our work and we want to educate our audience in a way that is appealing to the public but very informational to the consumer. Vintage Stereon is timeless just like fashion.This brand is heavily inspired by music as well and the way the music industry would market an album or their next video, we would do, but with clothing and visuals."

.AZSXJNELV SNAP BACK ( http://azs.bigcartel.com/product/lvoe-snapback-releases-2-14-13 )
.COCAINE VINTAGE STEREON LONG SLEEVE T (http://vintagestereon.com/about-us/)
.86 VINTAGE STEREON CREW NECK ( http://vintagestereon.com/about-us/ )


  1. Doing it well, my friend.

  2. omg! i just got my septum piercing too! looking rad as always


  3. what city in GA do you live?