Hey guys ! I finally got a day off from work to actually update my blog so I decided to take advantage of this day off and do some exploring around Georgia . well while I was driving around I seemed to be finding people heading up to this ducked off abandoned area. and knowing my curious ass I decided to park , jump down from a few walls and bam! I was there . I guess the area was a closed down go cart area that the local kids in the neighborhood decided to make a skate park and a big ass canvas to express whatever their feeling on a wall or floor . some way getting their little message out . whether it was dumb or actually cool and inspiring .

Anyways seeing as the weather is still gloomy and I decided to play with neutral colors and what better than to bring out my old Urban Outfitters military backpack that I always rock . I'm sorry if you're tired of it but it's totally convenient. (passes ganja and continues to type)
feeling a bit like carrie right now lol.... minus the cig. seeing as I was working around my back pack I thought it was totally necessary to pull out this vintage military jacket . and make it a little more griztriz with a smiley face patch . O k my outfit is looking a bit simple so a way to season it up . I added prints ! so I purchased these HUF socks and these authentic HI leoppard vans!
hope you guys are having an amazing day!


  1. Love how you added the prints to make it more playful. Hope you're loving Georgia!


  2. love your style! glad i randomly found your blog!!


  3. You're sense of style is beyond crazy!!! Dude you're sick!!!