"The New Evolution in Snapback Fashion, Official Tinhead is definitely breaking the mold. From its sleek metal plated designs, to its SIGNATURE Metal Bottom™(Patent Pending) brim, This is one snapback line that has consumers falling in love. Every hat created is meticulously HAND CRAFTED using metal and is nothing short of being edgy and raw. A sealing component is placed over each metal design that ensures that product can not be damaged. Not only does Official Tinhead offer original design, some of which can even glow in the dark, but it also gives the consumers a chance to       create their own by offering Custom Official Tinhead Snapbacks. Logo's, words, and even images have been transformed into metal plated Tinhead Snapback designs. This luxury headwear stands in a lane of its own. From street clothes  to high fashion, Official Tinhead is the perfect accessory to compliment any style. Become apart of the family...that is, 

There is nothing I wanted more than a plated snap back but never got around to purchasing one because I've always wanted a different logo rather than what some companies had ... I mean who wants to walk around with the same hat as somebody else. eww I sound like a hipster , which leads me to my happiness when I found out about OFFICIAL TIN HEAD . they make customs guys! so Tin head found my love for the company and we emailed each other back and forth about sponsorship's and such and came to the conclusion they wanted to sponsor GRIZTRIZ! so told me to pick any logo I wanted on the hat and I wanted something that would make me chuckle but make other people gasp or love it .

/Which leads me to my reasoning for getting the word FAG placed on my head . well during my years in high school that word became pretty vivid and sometimes hurtful and of course the word was used towards me way more when the Hell Bounds and Jeffrey Campbell s made a appearance lol . so I've learned to just embrace the word and just be like if I'm a fag I'm one bad ass fag walking down the street lol . I don't know maybe the reason isn't rational but who cares

I I had to do this post some justice and bring a little og my griz fire to the tin head family .

>Thrifted structured bomber jacket
>American Apperael Black Button Up
>Zara Leather Wax Skinnies
>Offical Tin Head Snap Back
Official Tinhead can create custom hats with logo's, words, pictures, etc for consumers. If you are looking to order a custom hat, please contact official tinhead on the contact page.​ Once your email has been received we will contact you with the steps to place your order. Please have your logo's and/or words with the fonts available.  Upon approval and completed payment processing, your hat will be customized and shipped out  upon completion 



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  2. I saw your tumblr yesterday and while I was looking at all of your photos. I completely was amazed on how you dress. You have this type on how you don't care what people say or think of you on what you wear. That's what a person should have on being different. Great job, can't wait to see more of your looks soon.