Whats up guys sorry for my absence still getting the hang of Georgia and what it has to bring to me . well you guys should know I always bring the fire when it comes to this beanie game but this beanie has gone to extreme levels . I've always wanted something Versace inspired but never brung myself to get anything but when the cunanan sent me this Medusa head versace inspired beanie I was stocked ! so I know my babes was expecting me to slay in some hell bounds or something but don't trip boo there are plenty more post in this beanie to come :)  you guys be sure to check him out on tumblr for product updates and information http://houseofcunanan.tumblr.com/

So today in Georgia the weather wasn't as cold so I decided I needed to some how show off my new HUF socks that babes got me for valentines day * blushes ( my first valentine ) ok enough of the mushy shit lol . well I've been dying over these HUF plant socks for a minute so I couldn't help myself but to be a show off and wear some distressed cut offs . seeing as I put denim cut offs with the socks I couldn't help but to get inspired by my sis Micah because shes always killing it lol so I thew on my old skate hi's and bam it was set the mood of the outfit had to be laid back so I decided not to pick out a shirt and just leave my wife beater and throw a gold rope chain to put a little bit of that hood inspired look I've been doing lately and grabbed a over sized flannel out of my dresser and threw on my backpack and I was out the door enjoying my Monday .
                                                             HOW TO GET THE LOOK
                                        HUF PLANT SOCKS - HTTP://KARMALOOP.COM
                                                 DIY DENIM DESTRESSED CUTOFFS
                                                           THRIFTED FLANNEL
                                           CUNANAN BEANIE-http://houseofcunanan.tumblr.com/


  1. man i love your style.