What a interesting way  to come across such a striking company , I'm scrolling threw my instagram notifications and see comments on some of my photos  saying "don't fall" in my hell bounds and some telling me I'm killing it . my reaction was like " GURL  WHO IS THIS?!" so I clicked on the person commenting and seen all this dope ass merchandise on their instagram So I decided to check them out and man did I fall in love ! so me and the company talked back and forth and  Alex & Chloe decided to send me a lovely little care package for me to style and I wanted to style this awesome "NICE HAIR" top . I can't begin to tell you how soft all their apparel is I'm definitely impressed and happy to be working with the in the future as well .so keep a look out for my monthly "HOW TO STYLE ALEX & CHLOE NEW ARRIVALS".

Enough about all the its time to get a
little more into detail on what I'm wearing today . Well seeing as the weather is all up in the air lately I decided to dress comfortable but still break a few necks here in Vegas. So I always begin to style from the feet down so I kicked on my DIY Nirvana inspired Doc Martens I spray painted ,and then came to the conclusion it's time to bring out a little Fashion forward hood embodiment that I've been embodying lately with these Drop crotch All Saints Trousers and my "COCO FUCKIN CHANEL"  military Jacket, a little detail with the suspenders and of course  my NICE HAIR top . now do you guys love or do you guys love!?

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  1. I actually want to take this outfit right off your back.