As a blogger I feel like when I receive stuff from a company its my personal duty to slay and serve that product or merchandise that I have . so when my homie crossroads hits me up wanting to send a hat I have to plan out a theme for the hat and how I'm gonna slay in it . so I was rambling threw my Pandora and came across BONE THUGZ N HARMONY and decided "HEY WHY NOT EMBODY THAT LOOK"  so i spent the day watching Friday getting inspired and smoking weed . and came up with this little number . I can't tell you how versatile this beanie is . I can totally dress it up with my mink or be a hood ass dude walking down the street that might rob you fashionably lol . IDK I'm just really feeling this look guys lol. I might have to cop a few more of these beanies for all my bad bitches and MOB around looking VERY RARE! you can snatch yourself up one of these bad boy all the way from TOKYO on http://azs.bigcartel.com/
PS: its ok to bring out your hood side sometimes lol

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