Makeshift Apparel began in 2008 when Amanda  Wesselman started selling her one of a kind,handmade clothes on Etsy. Ever since then, her passion for the brand has grown and grown until finally she decided to accomplish her dream of turning her little Etsy shop into a real business.
She's already done more work towards making her dream into a reality than she had ever imagined. she's obtained her business tax license, Fictitous Firm Name, and Seller's Permit. she did a ton of research and wrote an entire business plan including financial projections ( she can show it to you if you're interested in being a serious investor). she found a warehouse that she plans on turning into a work space with a sewing area, screen printing machine, photo studio, inventory storage,and an office. she bought a domain and had a website designed (www.ilovemakeshift.com). she bought stickers, labels for the clothes, and business cards. she's participated in trade shows, fashion shows, been a vendor at Warped Tour and other events. and now she wants to work with me?!
I'm more than happy to wear / support anyone with as much ambition as I do . everyone has a dream but not everyone has enough determination to do what they love and Amanda is one of few that is putting forth an effort to make her dreams reality. there I go babbling again guys . anywho Amanda heard about me from a mutual friend (she resides in Vegas ) and emailed me asking to help her support MAKE SHIFT APPAREL. I went to look at her sight and fell in love with how she worded her vision I mean don't get me wrong the clothing is banging but I felt more inspired by what she had to say about her vision . to read it go HERE  if you're interested in helping her line and vision there is a spot on her site where you can donate a few bucks or become one of MAKE SHIFTS  investors . Amanda sent me one of the make shift drip shirts and you know I had to go all out to style the bad boy !

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  1. Yes!!!! This look definitely works for you!!!