"Here Grizzelle here is a pair of Unif Hell Bounds ..... now you better slay !!!!" . every time I get a pair of shoes from one of my fav sponsors or do a collaboration with them those are the exact words that go threw my head and I feel obligated to WERQUE for my loves back in Portland and make them proud especially my shoe mama Ty. I'm sorry to say but today I feel like the baddest bitch walking down the streets in my hell bounds . I got these as a belated birthday gift from the solestruck team and I couldn't be more in love I feel so powerful and in charge I don't know if the photos can show good justice ! but boo I'm feeling like iggy when she made her entrance into the rap game with her song "MY WORLD" lol omg let me stop
any who I decided to get the Teal Hell bounds to stir the pot and show how a guy can style them for all my guy readers werking they're way into some heel , pump, wedged etc. I do want to shout out some of my readers that I inspired that have been tagging me in they're post of they're hell bounds !!! YESSSSSS!! HUNTY! . moving forth I'm wearing a Urban outfitters rain coat that I decided to cut the sleeves off and put a leather moto jacket underneath to add a little drama and LAYERS DUH!!! I'm also wearing a Urban outfitters Back pack with a patch I cut from another bag and pinned that shit on aha.
OK ALL MY GUYS!!! I rally want to make a section on my blog . with all my guy readers wearing they're antagonist shoe so if you have a pair of heels or if you can fit your mamas . throw them on and email me photos of you werking !!


  1. O.M.Gizzle!! Saw u on instablam and the rest is history. U funny as shit. Me thinks ima gonna follow yo blog. Chea. Nice to see some new shit on the blogosphere. We needed that.

    Angie Rox THE LINT

  2. The jacket layers are amazing, that rude boy bag patch is insane! Can't wait to see the guys werking their shoe bizness!! X

  3. I love this! Hell Bounds are so amazing, but I'm kind of sad because I think they only go up to a size 11 and I'm a 12 :( but anyways awesome outfit as always! Love you Griz, keep doing you!

  4. love this! i have hellbounds too but in black- i think i need them in this beautiful teal too!

  5. omy gooshh what a beauty!!