Nothing to lose nothing to gain

Over my years I've been bullied put down and told i was nothing .in the mist of this I was depressed and suicidal ( my high school days )  but up until my senior year , being at school being harassed getting cafeteria chairs thrown at me and having to fight to stick up for myself . threw those years I'm grateful for all those encounters because it made me such a strong ambitious person .Sometimes i like to admire myself for pushing threw because I know some teens just want OUTS . with time everything gets better ! Being a gay Black male and a gang related school was hard but always told myself that "none of these bastards are gonna stop me "

I'm making this post because i've been getting a lot of emails from my readers still in school that are gay but scared to be who they want to be because of the're surroundings . I made this post for you guys . I wanted to encourage you guys to keep pushing and to not let any ignorant person get you down . sometimes the weirdest things can inspire you the most . Mine was Depression. When I was depressed I photographed my ass off just to clear my mind . So find something that inspires you and be creative ! FUCK anyone who disagrees with what you're doing . 

I'm happy to say that I'm happy with who I am regardless of my flaws and homosexuality . I embrace every little bit of it . and yes I can walk down the streets in 7inch booties with confidence and without a care in the world .anywho I love to have a relationship with my readers unlike some of these stuck up bloggers (NO SHADE NO TEA) so if you ever need anyone to talk to or advice needed feel free to email me Love you guys!

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