looking for amazing affordable platforms ? look no further . allow me to introduce my new sponsors YRU . I found out about YRU threw MAGIC and was stunned to see how humble the company was and loved every shoe that was on display .
Y•R•U is a team of artists & individual thinkers,
sharing the message of universal acceptance.
Y•R•U product distribution is tame and selective.
style & approach will remain wild.
a portion of proceeds will be donated.
Y•R•U will be rewarding gifted, financially challenged youth,
with equipment and materials to aid their aspirations.
reach for the galaxy, it’s not as far as it seems.
I'm pleased to have them as a sponsor ! so welcome them to the family readers . moving forth they sent me a few of their shoes and I have yet to take them off my feet because the amount of neck I break when wearing them out . so this weekend I thought I should display how I styled each and every one of the shoes they sent me and what better then to start with the karazii . when I opened the package and saw these babies I instantly thought of the twins on austin powers ..... ya know the FUK MEH twins lol . So i went threw google gathering inspiration from them and this is what I came up with . Arizona crew neck , get fucked beanie , acid wash shorts and AA socks ? its crazy what can inspire you right?


  1. Oh my you're so lucky I am incredibly jealous! yru have amazing shoes and this outfit (and you) is beyond perfection! Excited to see more more more :)

  2. Actually YES I am looking for shoes like this, thanks nice tip Griz!I think this style you have on here are my pick of the bunch too. Haha I was looking at these pictures thinking, man this is such a cute as look and then I scroll to the bottom and your hat says 'get fucked'. Haha.Genius!! Fukn love it! X

  3. Amazing shoes! I'm really envious. I just loveee platform sneakers! I need to get more acid wash denim clothing now haha!

  4. i just ran into your blog via tumblr. dude. you are brill. and i LOVE YRU sneakers. they are so spice girls! congrats on the sponsor btw. i'm gonna follow you!


  5. You are living fabulously. I love it!

    I'm hosting a $100 Lulus.com gift card giveaway on the blog. Hope you can enter!

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  6. omg you are super incredible <3 love your style !!!