So along with my other post with my last post I thought I might show you what I wore to hang out with Jaennelle , So i decided to wear Jordan's..... I know weird of me right? but These Jordan OG 5's were sitting in my closet begging to be worn so what better than to match the babies with my favorite pleated kilt and My  King Tut shirt gifted by SJ87. I can't begin to express how much of lust I am in with this shirt . the printing on the shirt is great quality and fits me like a glove ! So if you may know when wearing anything Egyptian its only right to wear gold with it boo! I have so many accessories on here to even elaborate lol but I think I will for you guys . I have a hermes Bracelet , A Maison Martin Margiela brace , bullet cuff and this amazing Cream necklace by shopapplesauced , they have everything I need want and lust in their store including Melody Ehsani Accessories!!!! anywho if you guys are interested in the shirt visit http://sj87.bigcartel.com/ and if you're interested in the cream necklace visit http://shopapplesauced.com


  1. This outfit is so G-Dragon, and yes that IS a compliment. :)


  2. Jordan's and the kilt are a frikken excellent choice! Gonna go check out this applesause business. That cream necklace is the beez kneez! Following now. Xx