Jaennelle Vergonio

Have you ever met anyone who just gave you drive and motivation to get your shit together and be independent on yourself ? No? oh well when you do its a amazing feeling , So Yesterday I was around one of my good Friends Janenelle Vergonio . I met her threw instagram a few months back and we hung out before and instantly clicked ! you might have seen this cutie on my blog before wearing the ambre H&M skinnies . Anywho we went downtown on a adventure yesterday . To talk about our fav stuff (boy, shoes, Fashion and blogging) and have a little laughs here and there . When  shes in my surrounding I get a sense of boost of confidence and determination . shes only 20( going on 21) and is already the Regional Visual merchandiser for American Apparel . Like wow! she has her stuff together and depends on nobody but herself and her career . anywho . we decided to walk around shooting and I got these shots of her . I'm truly happy with the out come of how the shots came out , or maybe its just her amazing style mixed with all the Maison Martin Margiela that makes it look so great !

Well shes launching her blog very soon and our blogs will be linked together . I'm pretty damn excited to see her post ! If she looks familiar its because her face and style graces the instagram world lol. We're literally walking down the street and someone yells her name and says how they follow her . (I dont think she knew the person ) aha . shes so sweet and humble ! There I go rambling again , anyways keep a look out for my boo :)


  1. Wow she has got her life together. So ahead already, good for her. The leggings she's wearing are sick!


  2. so hot couture! loving the margiela collection!