Improvise that ass.

Now if there is one thing I'm known for its my improvising . For insistence this little mesh kilt skirt thingy is a shirt !!  yeah I know girl you just gotta really be inspired to improvise outfits . any who I'm back at my moms house for the weekend because I had a little falling out with my best friend over our twerking video ..... don't ask , anywho I went thrifting and found this top I love it soooo much it reminds me of Givenchy and it fits like it too and to add sugar on top it had shoulder pads and it black .... ahhhh I'm feeling great today stomping around in my hell bounds , my babies missed me while I was gone partying in my hell raisers for the past few weeks . 
Literally I've been doing a lot of bad things lately and it feels so damn good , sneaking into bars and flirting with old men for shots dancing on bars , crashing parties and hung over mornings ahhhh living it up lol . how is all my loves Saturday going?

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  1. Your style is flawless! Never seen a guy pull off heels like you can, keep up the great work:) x