Now I know I've been on this classy dark look  lately . But I couldn't help but to bring back to old Grizzelle with a band shirt and Doc Martens. There is something weird about me when it comes to a windy day .... I have to have something that blows in the wind , I don't know I just feel way more confident and fierce aha . Which is why I had to pull out my old Plaid number I always use to wear . now this mesh skirt thing that I showed you guys in my last post has been my latest obsession ! its a shirt but I prefer to use it as a skirt 

Band shirts : one thing about me that really grinds my gears is someone who wears a band shirt but doesn't actually know anything about the band. I'm here to state that I am a fan of slayer and do listen to the're music frequently . When I need to do something but don't have the guts for it I simply put on rainning blood and that gives me a weird little boost of confidence . Which is why I love Metal 


  1. Your style is flawless. Love your look!

  2. Great outfit and nice comment on band shirts. It's a pet peeve of mine as well.