Angel on my Shoulder

So Before I head off to work I decided to show you guys what I put together for my first day . Now I wanted to stay into Kenneth Cole's boring dress code but still keep that Grizzelle Touch on it , So what better then a little inspiration from Chanel ! the whole look was put together in the thoughts of Chanel . I know you guys are probably asking , "why does he always wear that hat?" . Well to answer that question I'm oddly obsessed with Jeppers Creepers look and the way he layers ....HE'S SO FETCH! . I wasn't exactly sure If I wanted to wear this Hermes Bag only because the details are silver but what the hay!.

WHAT I'M WEARING : Bettie Paige Cardigan  , Thrifted Slacks , Perry Ellis Belt, Hermes bag , Dior Button down 
PS: I'm trying to update my blog as frequently as possible so bare with me loves :)


  1. your look is totally amazing!kisses from Italy

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